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24 October 2015

the perfect getaway | PT 2

Well, my holiday is now officially over and it's back to the grindstone so to speak.
For me, a perfect holiday is all about checking out of your daily routine and grounding yourself. 
I always feel stronger and healthier after a break, don't you? I always promise myself that I will change things around and make more time for myself when I get back and this time is no different.

When I'm in my daily routine, I sometimes forget to take time to enjoy the simple things. 
This week has been all about enjoying lie ins, taking my time over a nice mug of hot coffee, spending precious time with my family, going exploring through unknown terrain on a quad bike and hanging out with the locals... even if they are the 4 legged variety.

Ohh, and what about my poor toe? Luckily, it was when I got back to the UK. I fell down the stairs and broke it... Ouch! It's healing well and I'm looking forward to getting a pedi on Tuesday :D

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