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31 October 2015

I have finally succumb to the HD brows hype and upped my brow game!

Before the 1990's I started off with brows that resembled two slugs sitting across my face, then in my teens, like so many others, I over plucked and pencilled them into submission. However, for the past few months I've been trying to grow them in to no avail. Does this sound familiar? If so, then alas, the HD brows regime has come to our rescue.

The whole process isn't for the faint hearted, it involves 7 stages and the whole process takes 90 minutes and costs around £25. The first stage is the consultation, this involves a discussion of colour and shape, then the tint gets applied. Next up is the third step which is waxing, fourth is trimming, fifth is threading, then comes the tweezing and the last step is after care.

As you can see from the pics, my brows definitely pack more punch. Whether they look better than my usual benefit brow arch, I will leave that for you guys to judge... So, what do you think?
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28 October 2015


Over the past year or so, You Tubers and Bloggers have been creating their own beauty products and I personally think that this is a great idea. Zoella's range is the first of these that I've tried and although it's probably aimed at people younger than I am, I just thought why the heck not?!

First of all, can I just comment on how much I love the packaging! It looks fab on my bathroom shelves, it's so pretty!

The scent was quite different than I imagined it would be. Top and middle notes seem to be on the sweet & floral spectrum with a hint of musky base notes, I really like it. The shower cream lathers up into soft, creamy bubbles on a shower puff, but also gives a great bubbly bath. If I'm having a bath, I'll plop a square of the bath fizz bar in the water too. I like the fact you have much more control over how much you use in comparison to the usual bath bomb.
Following a recent trip to Corfu, the bath fizz bar has been a godsend, my legs currently resemble a mosquito's all you can eat buffet and the sodium bicarb has helped soothe the bites, as well as leaving me smelling divine.

I find that the body lotion has a subtle floral scent, which becomes slightly more musky as your skin warms it up. A little bit of this product goes a long way and I like to apply mine just before bed and wake up with lovely soft skin.

All in all, great value products and I'm looking forward to trying out the Christmas range.
Just one question, will she bring out a beauty advent calendar? Now that would be awesome!

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24 October 2015

Well, my holiday is now officially over and it's back to the grindstone so to speak.
For me, a perfect holiday is all about checking out of your daily routine and grounding yourself. 
I always feel stronger and healthier after a break, don't you? I always promise myself that I will change things around and make more time for myself when I get back and this time is no different.

When I'm in my daily routine, I sometimes forget to take time to enjoy the simple things. 
This week has been all about enjoying lie ins, taking my time over a nice mug of hot coffee, spending precious time with my family, going exploring through unknown terrain on a quad bike and hanging out with the locals... even if they are the 4 legged variety.

Ohh, and what about my poor toe? Luckily, it was when I got back to the UK. I fell down the stairs and broke it... Ouch! It's healing well and I'm looking forward to getting a pedi on Tuesday :D
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11 October 2015

Well hello there, I've finally managed to get this blogpost uploaded after spending most of the afternoon trying to find my way around my Greek google profile...  After a glass or two of champers, I think I have finally got the hang of it!

This week, as you had probably guessed from the title, I've been catching some last minute sunshine in Greece. Logas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. For the last three years I've been popping back to see some of my family and we enjoy going off exploring on quad bikes around nearby towns. Corfu town is fab this time of year, but be warned, don't shop if there is a cruise ship due to dock as prices go up dramatically.

This week, I've gone back to all my summer faves... MAC Morange on the lips, Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand palette on the eyes and the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Scotch on my nails. I also picked up a copy of Suitcase in the airport, nothing like getting prepared and planning your next holiday before the last one ends right :D

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5 October 2015

As you can see, there's a bit of everything in this weeks post.
This Summer has seen me rekindle my love for vintage books, I love strolling through Southbank on a Saturday unearthing some new finds. Commuting to work has now become a part of my daily ritual, so vintage books and good magazines have become a great way to pass the time. I've also been embracing the last of the lighter nights, with rooftop cinemas & bars. The Notebook is my ultimate fave film and was amazing to watch as the sun went down around us.

Beauty essentials...  Tweezerman (amazeballs, if you don't have one of these, you really should get one), Collection lasting concealer, Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand palette (I've been sporting gold eyelids pretty much every day) and of course, it's time to use up my Bobbi Brown Coral lippie... which ultimately means bye bye Summer. As Autumn creeps in, it's time to unleash Angel, a lovely warming scent which is sure to get you lot's of compliments.

I stumbled across some 60% choccie bars in Harrods by Simply Chocolate, they are so yummy for all the chocoholics out there.

Hope you're all having a fab Monday!

As usual, I paid for all these products & outings out of my own hard earned cash. 
I'm not affiliated with anything mentioned above and all opinions are mine alone :D
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