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23 May 2015

Admittedly, this time last year I never thought I would be writing a post about oiling my skin, but after researching bio-oil, it seems that the beauty benefits out way the cons and I could definitely do with some extra moisture as my skin has been on the dryer side.

As you can see from the empty bio-oil bottle, I have used the full 125 mls. The packaging is simple and functional, the oil is a peachy colour and appears clear on the skin and is a thin consistency due to the PurCellin oil which helps the skin absorb the oil by reducing the thickness and it has a mild sweet floral scent which is likely due to the Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula & Chamomile oils.

I have been using this for the past couple of months all over my body after showering (apply by rubbing in circular motions to dry skin) and occasionally my face / lips as an overnight treatment (applied onto slightly damp skin and left to absorb). I didn't encounter any breakouts and it just acted like a really nice intense moisturiser. I have heard it can take a while to soak into some peoples skin, however in under 15 minutes my skin had slurped it up.

Bio-Oil has also been a saviour for my dry hands & cuticles, I'm hoping it will prevent my nails peeling further. It is fantastic after shaving, it doesn't leave that sting that some moisturisers can leave and I've also used it on the ends of my hair when my argan oil ran out. 

My old stretch marks haven't reduced in size, but I did have a pal that cut his face really badly and used this while it healed and it surprisingly left him without scarring. I've also noticed that this oil does even skin tone and I believe it helps me hold onto my tan.

I do think that the oil itself is pricey, but luckily for us, Tesco now has almost £5 off the big 200ML bottles here.

Are you a cream, gel or oil fan? 
I'm interested to hear your views and experiences...

Hey guys, just an FYI: I am not affiliated with Bio-Oil or Tesco and all opinions are true and my own :D
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16 May 2015

Today I took a trip down memory lane while clearing out my make up drawers and came across my first 2 lipsticks I'd ever bought with my paper round wages.

I remember the early mornings before school when I would wait until my mother had left the house and I would sneak into her make-up collection and put on a bit of lipstick / eye shadow and instantly feel transformed into a grown up... Although that was 22 years ago, I still find that all I need is a few dabs of pretty lipstick to feel a million dollars.

The lipsticks pictured are Maybelline Forever Sunlight Mauve Starlight & Estee Lauder Crystal Baby. You can see, even way back then I enjoyed experimenting with different textures and colours. The Estee Lauder  shade must have been a hit as it's still on sale now.

Do you remember your first lipstick and experimenting with make up?
What were your first products you ever tried?
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10 May 2015

I stumbled across this cleanser after receiving it as a free gift from Boots and I have to say, it's the first Clarins cleanser I have tried and I was pleasantly surprised. 

The cleanser is a honey coloured gel, melts into the skin to become an oil and when agitated with a little water, it becomes a milky consistency which can then be rinsed off or wiped away (I use damp cotton pads). It retails for around £20 for 125ML and a little bit goes a long way, I use 1-2 pea sized amounts for my face and neck after wearing a full days make up.

The Marula Oil nourishes and soothes the skin, however this tube is jam packed with chemicals and is tested on animals which is where it loses a few brownie points for me. I don't use this cleanser as a stand alone product, but it does a great job at removing 'most' of my make up and it has a pleasant scent. Overall, if you are looking for a mild cleanser to rebalance or revive your skin, then this product is worth definitely trying out.

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2 May 2015

For any of you that still believe cooking is restricted to the kitchen, then this post is for you! 
If you follow my snapchat twinkles007 then you may have seen a few variations of contouring techniques I use in my make up routine, however I often come back to this method as it has the best staying power so far, which is especially great for nights out and is by far the quickest method.

In a nutshell, cooking is all about letting the products melt into your skin and 'cook', giving the emollients time to warm up and melt which will leave a smoother, poreless finish. The exact timing seems to depend on individual skin types, however depending on the foundation I'm using, 3 mins is usually long enough for my (combination) skin, then just blend the light foundation into the dark until you have a seamless finish and use powder to set it all in place.

I usually do my eye make up before my foundation as I find that the fallout can really make a mess. For best results, use products that give fuller coverage, my current faves are the Rio Beauty Set used with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I've noticed this method keeps me looking fresher for longer and minimises the need for touch ups and who wouldn't want that right??

Have you tried this or any other similar techniques to get that perfect base?

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