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1 February 2015

Lush Valentines Collection | 2015

Tisty Tosty £3.35

Unicorn Horn - £3.25

Heart Throb - £3.65

Dissolved Heart Throb 

Love Locket - £6.95

Lonely Heart - £3.50

A French Kiss - £4.25

Well, it's now February and my Lush Christmas selection has began to dwindle, so it's time to stock up once again. This year has to be one of the most impressive Valentines ranges I have seen Lush do, so much so, I found myself grabbing more than expected... standard for me I know!  

The heartthrob bubble bars caught my eye instantly because A) they're glittery, B) they look like a macaroon C) they contain shea butter and as you can see I've already popped one in a bath and it did help my skin feel softer as well as turning the bath water to a bright shimmery red with oodles of bubbles (the photo really doesn't do it justice).

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that Titsy Totsy is one of my all time favourite bath bombs which I usually pair with the Amandopondo for it's wonderful bubbles. Titsy Totsy is made with rose absolute, lemon & jasmine and releases seven rosebuds into the water as it dissolves, this combo will leave you and your bathroom smelling divine.

I also snapped up two unicorn horns, a french kiss, a lonely heart and a love locket which I'm yet to try. You can tap the love locket to break it in half to reveal another solid heart inside then the bath bomb fizzes in the water leaving you with pretty pink bath filled with little floating hearts.

Have you tried any of the Valentines range yet?

Please note: I bought these lovely products with my own money and I'm not affiliated with Lush in any way, I just quite often like their products, hence I keep going back to buy more :)

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