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25 January 2015

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel   - £22.50/10ML

As many of you may have already heard, Benefit have released a new product that has got all of us beauty bloggers in a tizz and here is my take on it.

First up, I know the iron tip is a bit gimmicky, but anything that promises to make me look youthful and wide awake often catches my attention straight away. The metal tip is really cooling & soothing on tired eyes, similar to the spoon over the eyes trick, so the packaging itself was a winner for me! 

To use simply dot the product along your under eye area then go back in with the iron and glide the product onto the skin. The tip of the iron allows you to work the product right up along the lash line and inner corner, without splodging any into your eye, however, make sure you put plenty of product onto the skin otherwise the iron tends to drag on the eye area. 

Next up, the gel! It contains a slight iridescent sheen and did brighten the eye area, leaving a lovely velvety soft finish, similar to that of the Porefessional and I did appear a little less puffy / wrinkly after using it. Finer lines were minimised, however, I feel that this gel is more of a de-puffer than a magic cream that turns back time and makes wrinkles disappear.

Overall, a nice product that I would repurchase again.

Please note, I bought this product with my own money and I am not affiliated with Benefit in any way... I just quite often really like their stuff & blog about it :)

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18 January 2015

With my Starbucks coffee addiction in full swing and a season of mulled wine drinking behind me, I have needed to spruce up my pearly whites. I have tried a few different products over the years, my most recent purchase has been the Dial A Smile Whitening Kit and after reading so many reviews I was sure that this was going to be a less painful alternative to the Crest whitening strips.

I purchased the kit directly from their site and my first delivery was shipped back to America when I wasn't in to sign for the package. I dropped them an email asking them to leave it in my post room (one main advantages of living in a London flat) and they sent me another one out straight away... thumbs up for customer service. 

When the second package came, I noticed that the whitening pen had leaked in it's box... darn it! There was still some product left in the chamber, but it was cracked and I couldn't use it.

The product claims to whiten your teeth 4-7 shades without sensitivity, which after using the Crest strips this sounded to good to be true. As you can see from the pics above, I didn't get to try out the majority of the gel as the rubber in the syringe started to break down and left me with a black icky mess in the syringe, this may be due to the fact I didn't store it in the refrigerator or it could be a fault with the product, I honestly don't know.

I did try out another whitening booster pen, I just coat my teeth in the gel overnight then brush it off in the morning. There has been a slight change in the colour of my teeth, on the last colour check I was still around a 6-7, so no huge difference. I have seen that they have reduced the kit and pen set from $129 to $50, but given the issues I have already had, I think I'll find another alternative product.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for whitening kits they have tried?
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10 January 2015

Neverfull GM

Being the nosey parker that I am, I love it when someone opens their handbag and you get to take a peek inside... I've recently been intrigued with what other people carry around with them, as these are usually their most used and loved products.

First up in my bag is my trusty MacBook, I'll often have either this or my iPad in my bag, especially if I need to catch up with emails or do presentations/blogposts on the go. As you can see from the pic above, I'm still sporting an iPhone 4 and a Canon Powershot, both of which are old and coming to the end of their existence but I have always believed in getting your monies worth out of purchases.

Next up are the Oh Comely magazines, if you are into reading random facts and seeing life from a different/ artsy perspective then give this magazine a try... I love it!

The two love hearts are hand warmers, if you have been in London recently then you'll appreciate how cold it's been. I always wear a cotton or over sized scarf through the day and this particular day I bagged my BIBA scarf, so I could throw it over my dress as I had dinner & drinks after work. Fun fact... Once at work I was listening to a case studies and the speaker kept saying BIBA, in medicine it has a completely different meaning (brought in by ambulance), and I was sat there wondering why he kept mentioning designers at a trauma scene... oops!

Then there is my diary, journal, purse, tissues, make-up bag, Swarovski pen, perfume (really need to take that out as now I have an atomiser), atomiser, lint roller, hand cream, nail file, iPhone/iPad charger, chocolate coins (Christmas pressie...yum), tiger balm and mint imperials (from Buckingham palace)... Phew, quite a list right? Now you can see why my trusty Neverfull is always full.

What are your most used products in your handbag?
If you've ever done a similar post, feel free to link below so I can take a peak.

Thanks for reading :D

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3 January 2015

It's that time again, after the party season my brushes have been well and truly used and need a good clean. Although this isn’t the most exciting topic, it is important to prevent breakouts due to excess bacteria growth and helps them to do their job well. 

I personally like to use the MAC Brush Cleanser as it helps disinfect my brushes whilst cleaning and conditioning the bristles. As you can see, it comes with a pouring lid, however I have a spritz bottle that I pour it into, which helps to avoid wasting the product and makes the whole process much quicker.

The method above is great for spot cleaning, however, if I need something that has a little more robust cleaning power for my cream, gel and lipstick brushes then I tend to opt for a DIY mixture to clean them with...

Firstly, I pop some washing-up liquid into a small bowl. I try to go with a natural product as it won't strip the bristles as harshly as chemical products, but will still clean & disinfect them. I just agitate the brush in soap to help breakdown the products on the brushes.

Then in a second bowl i have some fresh soap and olive oil, this will help recondition the fibres. Swirl the brush gently in the mixture and then use the back of your hand. 

The soap and oil begins to look like mocha and the bristles will be cleaner and soft. Then rinse off with warm water until the water runs clear, shape the bristles and allow to dry bristles-down to prevent the glue breaking down and bristles falling out. I've heard that brush guards are an amazing investment and if anyone knows which are the best to use, please comment below.

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