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6 August 2014

Hi Everyone, Hope your well!

Since commencing my Happiness Project around two months ago, this collection by Bobbi Brown has seen me put a temporary pause on my no splurge phase of the project. Often Bobbi Brown is known to play it safe, so their newest Limited Edition Surf & Sand Collection took me by surprise. The Surf Eye Palette caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store, and there and then I decided it was coming home with me.

These colours are supposed to be subtle, more like a a natural sheer, or in BB's words 'playful wash of summer colour' and the palette contains 5 shimmering gold tones, 1 matte cream shade & 1 blue and 1 green glitter (£48). 


I also picked up the Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Bronze (£18), this pencil does have some great colour payoff and excellent staying power and has made it onto my favourites list. 
As you can see on the swatch below, when smudged, the colour transforms into a lovely warm chocolatey brown.

If any of you guys follow me on Twitter or IG, you will know I have been searching for the perfect coral lip colour and when the assistant showed me this Creamy Lip Color in Coral Pink, I knew I had to have it. This product doesn't require a primer and helps moisturise the lip as it contains shea butter and skin conditioners, so it doubles up as a lip moisturiser too.

What have been your favourite summertime make-up collections so far?


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3 August 2014

Hi Everyone, Welcome back to my blog.

It's been a whole week since my last blogpost, as I have been busy entertaining friends and getting over a virus, but now I am all fixed up and ready to post some more.

This is a Jamie Oliver Chicken Laksa 15 minute Recipe I had seen on the internet and wanted to see how easy his version of 'super easy' really is. All directions and ingredients are in the above link.

I have learned two things when cooking up this wonderful meal...
  1. It takes over 15 minutes to grate the butternut squash alone.
  2. Chicken Laksa is freakin' delish.

I tossed the chicken with salt, pepper and the five-spice, Then let it nicely char on a hot griddle pan (turning  every 3-4 mins).

Instead of adding 800mls, I added 1 litre of water as the consistency was very thick once the butternut squash was added. Then went in the seasoning, chilli, asparagus, paste and I followed the rest of the recipe as in the link.

And, Voila...

Serve up with sliced chillies, coriander and slices of lime on the side for guests to add.

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