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1 July 2014

Albanian Adventure

Tung my lovelies, I believe that is how to say 'Hi' in Albanian 

As I have just spent the day in Albania, I thought I'd share my experience with you all.

After 90 minutes on the boat from Corfu, the first thing I noticed when approaching Saranda was the vast amount of buildings along the seafront.  All of the locals were fluent in English, very friendly and I think the waiters were employed for their dashing good looks. I believe this country is underrated and foresee it having a booming tourist trade in the future.

This one is a cheeky postcard snap.

If you ever go to South Western Albania, I would urge you to go and visit Butrint. 
The National Park there was simply magical. 

Along with the ruins, there was some of the loudest frogs I have ever heard croak, swimming around the flooded theatre and bathhouse, as well as crickets chirruping and lots of swifts singing everywhere, even in the public toilets. 

My pals were impressed by the Greek, Roman and Ottoman archaeology seen in stages throughout the park. However, if you are a butch lady waiting in a queue for the female toilets in this park, do not be surprised if the cleaner comes at you with an angry expression, shouting obscenities and trying to push you into the male toilets, unfortunately that did happen to one of the girls in our group which was most unpleasant.

The weather was amazing, My rep happily informed me that Albania gets 265 days of sunshine a year. I had a very good rep from Sipa Tours and I will definitely plan to return and explore Albania's capital Tirana.  

After visiting the park, we then jumped into our coach and toured Bouthrinth, grabbed a spot of lunch, which consisted of cheeses, chicken, lamb, rice and fruits for dessert. 

We finished the day off in Saranda with a large ice-cream & a huge cold beer whilst waiting for the boat back to Corfu. 

Token Mugshot.
Just as a quick note, if you have a pay & go mobile then only some networks have Albania on their euro traveller. My pal who is on Vodafone paid the usual £1.99p for 24hrs while we were over there, whereas I'm on 02 and my phone took £17 before I realised that 02 didn't include Albania on their euro traveller... Pft!

Well Mirupafshim (Goodbye) for now,

Twinkles xx

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