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27 July 2014

Hey there everyone, Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

I can still remember my first few weeks in London, wandering around the underground lost and constantly being veered off in the wrong direction by human traffic. One day, as I was wandering through some food markets, I picked up the biggest banana I'd ever seen, grinning away I took a biggest bite out of it and immediately regretted it. Yup, it was plantain! These days however, I'm a little more 'London Wise' and even walking past stalls of chicken feet, eyeballs and pigs trotters no longer shocks me. 

Borough Market is one of the nicest markets I have found so far (not a pig trotter in sight) and has been one of my local haunts for quite a while now. You'll often see me flitting from one stall to another, grabbing armfuls of yumminess. If you're ever planning a visit, I'd definitely recommend getting there early and sampling some of the tasty freebies.

I know eating veggies can be tedious at best slightly challenging for some of us, I have gone by the rule of keeping it as interesting as possible...

I often pick up weird and wonderful veggies then get home and find recipes on Pinterest to use them. I have had some excellent meals this way.

Also, this week I stumbled across the books about town BookBench sculptures on my way to the Hay's Galleria. 

I believe that eventually these benches are to be auctioned to raise money for the National Literacy Trust and are dotted all around London. 

Then, shopping time...

If you haven't been to Hay's before, it has some really nice trinket and touristy stalls as well as a few of the usual chains such as Boots, Cafe Rouge & Starbucks. 

Thanks for reading :)
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25 July 2014

Hi Everyone, Who else has that Friday feeling?  :D

A few weeks ago my oil burner cracked, spilling hot oil into the candle beneath it and it came close to starting a fire in my flat. When the fire brigade came, not only was I deeply embarrassed (mostly due to the fact I was wearing a cow onesie admittedly) but they told me that a large proportion of house fires are caused by things like this. Since then I have been obsessed with ways in which to keep my flat smelling divine, without the risk of burning everything I own into cinders. Hence my new obsession with sprays and diffusers. 

You know when you just smell a scent and instantly fall in love with it, well that was me with todays product Jo Malone Grapefruit & Rosemary.

Just a few pumps and your rooms smell divine, it also has great staying power. A great find that doesn't pose the risk of me burning down my flat... Phew!

What's your favourite Jo Malone scent?

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23 July 2014

Hey there Everyone, Hope your having a fab week.

This month I have been loving this Chanel Cleansing Milk, it makes a wonderful eye make up remover (as well as being great for the whole face). It is great for my sensitive skin and since using this I've had no issues with dry skin or breakouts.

Tulip tree extract gives protection against pollution and arum lily extract offers hydration.

The thick, rich cream is lightly scented and leaves my face nourished, feeling moisturised and well... comforted! Although I will definitely repurchase this product (£30 for 150mls), the main disadvantage is that if it is applied before make up, it encourages make up to slide off. I have kept this solely to be used at the end of the evening.

Thanks for reading,


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20 July 2014

Hi there lovelies, Hope your having an awesome weekend!

I must confess, As a Northerner on my home turf, I've never brunched. Since moving to London however, this has become a much loved saturday morning ritual. 
Yesterday, I ventured south of the river, to a restaurant called Roast which is situated inside Borough Market. I recommend you get there early if you want to get a window seat with a view, it gets quite busy from around 10AM onwards.

Yesterday's yumminess...

Shameless teapot selfie :D

They had an impressive selection of eight different Bloody Mary options, but if you like the taste of green juices & need to detoxify (that was me), then maybe a Homemade sexy GREEN is more for you...

I have to say, if you like homemade jams & marmalades, then be sure to try these. 
We munched on strawberry, rhubarb & orange marmalade which were delicious.

And... as if we weren't full enough, we then opted for 'The Full Scottish' - streaky bacon, black pudding, haggis, lorne & plain sausage, tattie scone, grilled tomato, mushroom & poached eggs... Scrummers! I know some people may find the price tag of £16 for a cooked breakfast a little steep, but Roast often has special offers if you reserve in advance, which you can find online.

Feel free to leave any brunch recommendations, I'm always on the lookout for new places to try :D

Thanks for reading,

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16 July 2014

Hi my lovelies, Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday.

This month, I have to say, I've been loving Benefit's Gimme Brow fiber gel.
It volumises, shapes and fills in sparse areas.... what more could a girl need?

I find this product does exactly what it claims. The fibers cling on to the few hairs I have, giving the illusion that my brows are volumised and appear thicker after applying just one coat of gel. The gel itself is not overly thick, doesn't clump and has a nice mildly perfumed scent. I can shape my brows perfectly without them looking fake and the brush is just the right size for even my spaghetti thin brows.

I use the colour medium dark and since starting to use this product, my pencils and brow zings duo (in colour medium) have been made redundant.

I have found the product easy to build on and I haven't witnessed any smudging, even in London's rainy weather.

Spot the difference....

As you can see in comparison, this product makes a huge difference on my make up and it just gives that complete finished look. 

Has anyone else used any fantastic brow products lately?


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14 July 2014

Hi there my lovelies, Happy Monday :D

Rimmel Lycra Pro Finish in Spring Yellow is a bright lemony nail polish, I don't know about you, but this colour for me this just literally screams Summertime. It's so bright and cheerful, it will add a pop colour to any outfit.

I must admit, this is the only yellow polish I have owned aside from my Konad nail stamping set and although I was a bit dubious when my sister bought it for me to try, I have to say I rather like it. 

The product, is a little thin and streaky on the first coat, but after building it up with 3 thick coats to gain full opacity the colour pay off was fantastic. I like the shape of the brush, it spreads the product perfectly and makes it quick and easy to apply. On drying, the polish leaves a gel like shine, so I didn't feel I needed a top coat.

All in all, an affordable polish (£1.50) and I will definitely look at trying some of their other colours in this range.

Thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to comment with your favourite colours for me to try out...

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12 July 2014

Good morning all, Hope everyone is having great weekend!

After returning back to England I have noticed that all of the wonderful Greek sunshine has left my skin looking a little dull and I hate too admit it, but slightly puffy too. I have seen that caffeine a common ingredient added into beauty products, so it made perfect sense to slap some coffee on my face, as it should give the same effect right??? 

After browsing the internet I found that lemon juice has the benefits of lightening, tightening and brightening, plus it's great for regulating oil production. Honey is also known to lock in moisture, so it made sense for me to combine them in all a face mask and give my skin some cheap homemade TLC. 

So, to make this mask squeeze around quarter of a lemon into 2 tbsp of coffee powder, then add enough honey to turn the consistency into a thick paste, then mix it all together, and apply the paste on face and rinse off after 30 minutes.

I have to say, surprisingly it did leave me with less puffy, brighter and softer skin. My T zone was less oily and I'm really impressed with the result. I shall definitely be trying out more concoctions and will keep you all posted.

I also love using olive oil as an overnight treatment on my hair, however it is best to do it without anyone else around as it involves donning a shower cap for the night and it can leave a very potent scent in your hair until you shampoo it out.

Has anyone else got any recommendations for DIY skin / hair care?

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9 July 2014

Hi Everyone, Happy Hump Day!

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the (pink packaged) products I am currently using and my thoughts on whether they are worth their price tag. 


I have to say, TIGI Headrush is still one of my all time favourite shine sprays, it is lightweight and smells fab. TIGI smoothing cream helps prevent frizzing of my natural curly hair and the jury is still out on the Paul Smith heat protecting spray.


My Clarisonic Mia was one of the best investments I ever made. I was so impressed with how it helped keep my skin spot free, I bought my little sister one. The YSL foaming wash was a repurchase, however I think I prefer creamier consistency cleansers and this can leave my skin a little dry. The Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Balm smells amazing and leaves my lips feeling soft.


There's nothing more comforting than a big mug of Pukka Love Tea after a long day at work, best of all it's caffeine free and contains chamomile & elderflower to aid relaxation. I love my pink thermos mug, since trading my morning Starbucks for a healthier green tea. I am totally loving the new Righteous Range and recommend you give it a try. Then there is bubble mint gum... Nuff said right?! 

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6 July 2014

Hi dolls, Hope your all having an awesome weekend!

I must confess to you all, I'm a sucker for Benefit's make up gift sets. I think they are such a great way to try a few products at the same time without breaking the bank, plus inside they have some tips & tricks cards that can really help you get the most out of the product if you don't have time to visit a Benefit counter. The two boxes I purchased this month are Bronze of champions Primping with the stars and here is my verdict on some of the products from the sets.

First up, here are some of the primers.

My pores literally disappeared once I applied the POREfessional balm, it has a velvety texture that sets to a matte finish. I can't say I have noticed my foundation lasts any longer with this product than other primers, but I would definitely purchase this again. Plus, it smells amazing.

This is the only eye primer that has pulled me away from my usual UDPP. I have already bought the full size as I was so impressed with it's ability to conceal dark circles as well as prime my lids.

This didn't come in one of the sets, but I got it as a freebie sample from Debenhams when I purchased them. I haven't tried this yet, but if the other primers are anything to go by it should be fab.

Next up, the shimmer...

In my opinion Watts up was the better highlighter in both sets (compared to girl meets pearl), when blended along the cheekbones it gives a subtle sheer finish and it's champagne colour is perfect on tanned skin.

Then the mascaras...

I love the length this mascara gives, but I find that it does smudge on my under eye, even when I don't put the product on my bottom lashes.

I like the volume this mascara gives, If I am after a particularly dramatic look, I use this as a base, then 'they're real' over the top and then BAM! Thicker & longer lashes.

I bought this separately, I'm sure you have seen reviews on it before. Basically, I would never be without it! It fills and shapes my brows, leaving a more natural finish compared to most pencils & gels.

Now, my least favourite product from the sets...

So this is Benefits liquid compact that they have dubbed as the foundation faker. It feels so soft and creamy going on the skin then it turns into a powdery / chalky finish. I must admit, this also gave minimal coverage and I'm a girl that likes a blank canvas to build on from a foundation.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend,

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3 July 2014

Hello Everyone... Happy Thursday!

Following on from my recent holiday posts, I have since returned to London with a case full of goodies, which is pretty much standard behaviour for me. 

Firstly, I bought this very pretty bag designed by a company called Lovely that is based in Greece, I love the bright colours, perfect for summertime.

And no summer holiday trip would be complete without a huge floppy hat to protect your skin from wrinkles and burning, plus this looked super cute with my culottes play suits.

During my time in Sidari I came across a little jewellery store and couldn't resist this ring. 

I have to say that one thing I'm totally loving at the moment is statement jewellery... namely, big blingy rings. Here is a few that I have purchased recently...

I think my favourite has to be the scarab beetle, I bought it on eBay for around £4. I have also been loving this bag that my sister bought me. 

Maybe one day I will grab myself an authentic Alexander McQueen, but until then eBay will satisfy my compulsive shopping needs.

Has anyone else had some great buys / bargains from eBay recently?

Twinkles x
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