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29 June 2014

Hi there my lovelies,

Well today was a fun filled day as i tried out quad biking through the mountains of Corfu. 

I'm not sure this look will ever don the catwalks at LFW.

Aside from the outfit, I had a fabulous time seeing all of the quirky little towns and local people that are otherwise hidden away from the tourists.

I have to say, I felt extremely safe on the narrow roads despite the occasional threat of a 40 foot drop on a tight bend in the road.

San Stefanos.

As we were gallivanting Northwards from San Stefanos, we came across a town called Sidari. 

This has well and truly catered for the tourist trade from fake designer bags to blow up ducky rings, Sidari has it all!

Baked feta in tomato & veggie sauce.

The food venues boasted anything from a full English breakfast to Sunday roasts, So if you are looking for an authentic Greek getaway, this may not be the place for you. I did however find some very yummy bouyourdi. 

Greek salad.

Then, as the day dwindled away, it was time to get ready for a night of cocktails and yummy food.
Beautiful view from restaurant.


Lips : MAC Rubywoo, Nails : Jessica in colour Lava Lamp


Well until the next blog post, Yamas (Cheers) from Greece everyone :D 

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27 June 2014

Hey there everyone, today I’m going to rave about my current holiday read. 

I imagine many of you may have already heard of this book, as I was a little slow to catch on, but I have literally not been able to put this book down. Like Gretchen, I would never have considered myself as unhappy, but I have a burning desire to appreciate everything I have that little bit more, hence I have been frantically making notes on my iPad as I took in all of her words of encouragement and tips to a more fulfilled and… well happier life!

My 12 Commandments…
  1. Stop thinking, start doing (Do it now) - PowerPoint's, blogposts, healthy eating, and the list goes on...
  2. Let it go - I don't want to waste energy venting and complaining
  3. Go outside - British Military Fitness here I come... 
  4. Spread joy - Smile and enjoy life
  5. Act the way I want to feel - Keep smiling :D
  6. Stop buying useless crap - My tiny apartment is buckling under the pressure
  7. Give thanks more - Attitude of gratitude
  8. It's not always about me - Don't take things so personally
  9. This too shall pass - Find ways to get through the tough times
  10. Be me - There's only one, I may as well embrace myself, quirkiness and all
  11. Be polite & fair - Sometimes city life has a way of bringing out the worst in me
  12. Do what feels right - Follow my instincts 

Has anyone already completed their own happiness project? 
What were your commandments to live by?

If you want to know more, then here is a link to the website that will explain the project in more detail  The Happiness Project 

From Gretchen's Book.

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25 June 2014

Kalimera (Good Morning) fellow bloggers, 

So here I am, almost 2 years since writing my last blog post, sat on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited (Logas Beach) and I felt the urge to get another blog post uploaded.

One of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen.

Has anyone ever been to Logas Beach? If you're ever near Peroulades (North Corfu) I strongly recommend heading up to the 7th Heaven Cafe, it comprises of a coffee shop and restaurant, however, I don't recommend the restaurant section as we were waiting 45 mins waiting to give our food order as there is only one person covering a vast number of tables and the food was mediocre at best (We had Kleftiko which was very fatty, lamb sofrito which was the nicest dish served and chicken souvlaki).

Although I tend to come out to San Stefanos regularly to see my little sister whom migrates here in the summer, somewhat like a swift, this time I have made a consorted effort to step out of my comfort zone. 

So for the next week I have booked a trip to Albania, planned some routes for quads / scooter rides, jet skiing, a trek around Corfu town and maybe some kite surfing...

Well, Efharisto (Thanks) for reading everyone,

I will blog again soon with an update on how the adventures went :D

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