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27 December 2014

I never thought it was possible, but here I am, writing about a brand that is finally giving Benefit box sets a run for their money in the miniatures department.

With New Years Eve right around the corner, we all want to look camera ready and this kit is the perfect place to start. The foundation primer feels so silky on the skin and gives a fab transparent, oil free finish. The lid primer leaves lids perfectly primed and really accentuates the pigment & shimmer in eyeshadows, however, I remain loyal to my Benefit Stay don't Stray as I like the concealing properties of which the Smashbox version just doesn't offer.

The pencil feels so soft, perfect for tight lining and fab for smudging along the lash line. The only downside is the lack of staying power, be prepared to reapply throughout the day. The mascara gives fantastic clump free length, paired with the pencil, these two products alone make the eyes pop and look amazing.

The gloss is a beautiful shimmery nude which is really flattering for any skin tone, the texture is a little grainy and tacky on the lip, so if you don't like to feel your gloss then this will be a definite no-no for you.

Which Smashbox products have you been using recently?

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25 December 2014

I just wanted to take a few moments to say Merry Christmas to you all.
Thank you for all your encouragement & support throughout the year, You're all awesome!

My next beauty post will be up on Saturday, so until then, eat, drink & be merry (",)

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13 December 2014

FUN Body Bar

FUN Body Bar

Transformulas Hydration Gold Anti Ageing Cream

Left -> Right | YSL Golden Gloss, MaxFactor Flipstick in Gipsy Red & L'Oreal Colour Riché in Lingerie 

NAKED2 Half Baked Eyeshadow

MAC Pigment Powder in Old Gold

MAC Pigment Powder in Old Gold

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD

MaxFactor Max Effect Nail Polish in Ivory

One of my favourite scents of all time has to be Lush's Honey I washed the kids, so it's no wonder their FUN body bar has made it onto my favourites list this Winter. I don't find this product particularly moisturising, but it smells great, leaves you feeling clean and is fun to mould into funny shapes and leave in the shower for your other half to find.

It's that time of year again when harsh winds, cooler temperatures and a few to many glasses of Winter Pimms start to leave your skin looking dull and dehydrated. This is when I start reaching for my Transformulas Hydration 23 Carat Gold Creme. It acts as a great base under make up or used on a make up free day to prevent me looking pale and washed out. 

I know gold lipstick sounds like the last thing in the world that you'd want to wear, but i think it can look fantastic paired with red to give the illusion of fuller lips and something a little different for the party season.

I think everyone must have heard of the NAKED palettes by now, I have recently repurchased the NAKED2 as I love their nudes and find that it is so versatile, my fave eyeshadow has to be their half baked. 

MAC have been my go to for pigment pots for years now, and I love their Old Gold Pigment Pot. It has greenish tones in it, depending where the light hits. 

Rimmel's Glam Eyes HD are fantastic and for maximum effect use the product when wet, it lasts on the lid the whole day with a primer (try with UDPP in Sin). 

No Winter look would be complete without glittery nail polish, my favourite this month has been the MaxFactor Max Effects Polish in Ivory. It does take a couple of coats to get maximum effect but is totally worth it for the price. 

What have been your favourite golden products this Winter?

All that glisters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had you been as wise as bold,
Young in limbs, in judgement old
Your answer had not been inscroll'd
Fare you well, your suit is cold.
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7 December 2014

In these colder months, one of my go to products has to be Elizabeth Arden skin protectant from their Eight Hour Range. I use it to shape my brows, as a moisturising lip gloss, an overnight foot treatment, it's great for sunburn & peeling, highlighter and it can be used alongside my eyelash curler on those mascara free days, and of course, as a moisturiser!  The hand cream is really nice, I massage it into my cuticles and it smoothes my skin & prevents nails from peeling. I currently own the skin protectant, lip protectant stick and the intensive hand treatment and love them all.

So given my love for the eight hour range, I wanted to try the Visible Difference products, and picked up two jars of the face cream and a bottle of the body emulsion.. an impulsive buy I will admit :D
It was all going well until the scent hit me... wowsers! (Moss, Freesia & Sandalwood) I have to admit, I quite like the results of the moisturiser and I have become more tolerant of the smell as luckily it doesn't linger for long. I initially tried these creams in the Summer months and my make-up / fake tan would slide off within an hour, so before popping it in the bin I have recently given it one last try and come away pleasantly surprised. It sinks into the skin, leaves my skin soft and doesn't break me out.  Also, if you click on the link above then Debenhams are currently giving 50% off and you can possibly bag some free sample size freebies... Winner!

I also purchased the fragrance from the Red Door Range, which is described as a classic & elegant signature fragrance. I personally don't like it, I find the top notes of lily and freesia quite strong  As it starts to settle, the mid notes of rose, orange flower, jasmine and ylang ylang come through which smells a little nicer, then the base notes of moss, sandalwood & honey tend to stay on the skin for hours. I prefer sweeter scents, but if you are a fan of earthy, floral scents then this might be great for you.

Has anyone else tried any of these Elizabeth Arden products?

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3 December 2014

Following on from my post last Sunday on the Benefit Advent Calendar I also wanted to show you some of the other Benefit goodies I have picked up along the way.

This set can be found here

This fab set can be found here

BAD gal lash mascara is often one of the freebies given away.

Cream eyeshadow in Bikini-tini, this makes a fab shimmery base on lids.
I think these would be fabulous Christmas presents as they are reasonably priced and it gives people the opportunity to try lots of different products without breaking the bank.

Plus, Benefit are fab at giving away miniature freebies that make great little stocking fillers.

Keep popping back for more great finds and bargains in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.
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30 November 2014

Hold on to your fake lashes... Christmas is about to get a whole lot more exciting!!!

Last year I missed out on the Benefit Advent Calendar, so this year I made it my mission to get my little mittens on one to call very my own. 

I must confess, I'm somewhat of a Beneholic and the calendar has a great selection inside...

“that gal” | 7.5ml
POREfessional | 7.5ml
benetint | 2.5ml
high beam | 2.5ml
chachatint | 2.5ml
posietint | 2.5ml
stay flawless mini
they’re real! mini
ultra plush in dandelion mini
ultra plush lip gloss in A-lister mini
ultra plush lip gloss in fauxmance mini
BADgal lash mini
stay don’t stray in light/medium mini
fakeup in 02 medium mini
it’s potent! eye cream mini
total moisture facial cream mini
ooh la lift mini
watt’s up! mini


sticky notes
doodle pad
heart-shaped paperclips
pinky, polka-dot hair tie

elastic hair band with bow charm
metallic silvery hair tie

I also stumbled across a Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar that was half price as it was from last year, so sure enough I bagged a couple for my little sisters... and of course, a couple of my favourite miniatures for me ;)

Two mini's shown are Snow Globe & Amazing Gracie

What are some of your favourite advent calendars?

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23 November 2014

Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit & Tangerine.

Blueberry Açaí 

Ok, so you've probably seen the Evolution of Smooth spheres around for a while, but I thought it was about time I showed them some love here on my blog.

I'm yet to try the vanilla mint and coconut milk (darn it, they have been out of stock for ages) but I really do love the other flavours that I have tried out so far.

The Tangerine sphere contains anti-bacterial protection, which is great if you happen to be a germophobe like me. It also apparently helps relieve cold sores and chapped lips.

The Lemon drop lip balm contains SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection, alongside vitamin E, with lots of scrummy natural oils to keep lips soft (Jojoba, Coconut, Olive & Lemon oil).

All of the others contain Shea butter as well as a trio of Olive, Coconut and Jojoba oils to keep lips kissably soft, which is great as mistletoe season is right around the corner.

These spheres can be pricey here in the UK, I usually pick mine up on their on line store however, I have seen some great deals on Amazon lately, so keep your eyes peeled.

My favourites scents so far have to be the Strawberry sorbet, Lemon drop & the sweet mint
(I also like the way the peppermint oil tingles after application).

Have you tried the EOS range?
What have been your favourites from the range so far?

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15 November 2014

Clockwise -> FUN, So White, Snow Fairy & Melting Snowman

Bubble Bars -> Holly Golightly, Amandopondo, Sparkly Pumpkin, Christmas Penguin, Magic Wand

Bath Bombs -> Shoot For The Stars, Dashing Santa, So White, Butterbear, Luxury Lush Pud

Bubble Bars -> The Sparkly Pumpkin, Wizard, Christmas Penguin, Holly Golightly

Bubble Bars -> Wizard, Sparkly Pumpkin, Amandopondo, Christmas Penguin, Holly Golightly & Magic Wand

The Comforter (Bubble Bar Slice) & Big Blue (Bath Ballistic)

For the longest time, I have been a huge fan of the Lush products and this time when I was paying for my products, the till crashed... Well that's a first, even for me :D

Every Winter, the Melting Snowman & Christmas Penguin make it into my bathroom, The Snowman with his spicy scent and scrumptious softening cocoa butter, you just drop him in the water and let him do his magic. The Penguin gives a nice bubbly bath when you crumble him under running water and is a great citrusy pick me up after a bleak day.

I also picked up the gold FUN bar, So White shower gel and Snow Fairy for easy travel multi purpose products. The FUN bar is in the scent Honey I Washed The Kids (another all time fave) and can be used in the bath or shower and doubles up as a shampoo, body wash as well as being used to make model shapes... Phew!

Another one of my firm favourite Lush products has to be the Amandopondo. I adore all rose scented things and this is a very nice rosy, lemony scent which is topped off with a dried rose bud. I usually add dried rose petals/ buds with this bubble bar and finish off with a rose scented moisturiser for an extra indulgent treat.

If I want to have an uplifting Summery scent during the Winter months I turn to my Big Blue bath bomb, whereas, the rich cassis scent of the Comforter tends to always be in my bathroom in easy reach.

I'm so excited to try out Butterbear and Dashing Santa as I have heard so many great reviews. Butterbear smells of Vanilla hot chocolate, he has specs of cocoa butter that will help keep my skin soft during the Winter months. The Dashing Santa smells of satsumas and contains orange flower and lemon, I believe it is the same scent as their previous 'Satsumo Santa'. 

Also, some other first timers are...

What are your favourite Lush products?

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6 November 2014

That's it... I've finally given in and jumped on the beauty bandwagon yet again...

This time it's all to do with the brand 'Collection' (formerly known as Collection 2000 in the 80's) and I have become increasingly curious over their new & improved brand.

Collection GALACTICA Nail Polish in 3 Blue Moon
Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Concealer
Left: 2 Cool Medium, Right: 3 Warm Medium
Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Powder in 02 Medium
Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
I have to say, I am happy with all of these products. They are great value for money and the concealer deserves all of those YT rave reviews. I totally adore the blue polish (even possibly more than my previous navy favourite polish Orly's Lincoln Park after dark).

What has been your favourite beauty product from the Collection brand?
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26 October 2014

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I have been dabbling with newspaper print nail art recently. Well today I thought I'd go one better and try out the Nails Inc Monogram Manicure set that has been sitting on my bathroom shelf for quite some time now. 

I did find both polishes dry streakily after the first coat, but the second coat dries to a nice glossy finish. One tip would be to ensure the nail polish is completely dry before attempting to stick the letters onto the nail, otherwise it can take the paint straight off if you need to reposition the letter. Also, take your time to make sure the letters don't look wonky, this can take a few attempts to get right.

I do like the deep burgundy colour as a perfect autumnal shade, however, as the monogram mani fashion craze has left us, I will keep the polishes as they are lovely shades, but I will definitely ditch the letter transfers. If you have any ideas on any other nail art ideas you would like to see, please share your requests in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading :D
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