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5 May 2012

Hi Dolls, Longtime no blog.

What with dissertation writing and working full time, life has been pretty busy over the past few weeks.

Ok, So today I'm going to review the Calvin Klein Lip glosses from the Delicious Pout range.

These glosses are retailed at £11, however you can buy the much cheaper online.

Shades L -> R...  Breathless, Burst & Sparkle.

I'm not sure if I mentioned in an earlier post that since January I have been taking Roaccutane so consequently my lips have been extremely dry and yearning for moisture.

The fruity fragrances all smell very yummy, however the packaging is a little flimsy and it can be difficult to get the cap off if you don't realise you just pull it.

The product itself does not put alot of pigment on the lip which is great effect with a heavy smokey eye, but be warned this is a very sticky gloss and has minimal staying power once on the lips.

Now time for posing piccies :D

Despite not offering any moisturising properties I did find it was quite a comforting gloss to wear.

If you like juicy tubes then this should be on your wishlist.

Thanks for reading :)
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