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15 April 2012

Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Lash Perfect Eyelashes

Having had semi-permanent lashes in the past, mainly 3D and Nouveau, I decided to try this brand.

At prices ranging from £120-£220 in Lash Bar Carnaby Street, I opted for the extra volume lashes to give me some va va voom.

The procedure involves sitting on a comfortable beauty couch and having little collagen infused sticky pads placed under my lower lashes. My lower lashes were then taped to the pads to prevent my lower eyelashes being accidentally glued to the top lashes.

I then laid there for almost two hours whilst the Eyelash guru tediously stuck each lash onto my natural lashes individually.

In comparison to my experience of Nouveau lash application at Champneys spa, this was much more pleasurable. The pads at Champneys stung constantly despite being moved and the lashes were stuck together when I sat up and looked into the mirror. At Lash Bar there was enough time allocated and the lashes looked fab once completed.

See THIS LINK for more information on these lashes :)

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