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26 April 2012

Hi there guys, long time no blog.

Just thought I'd upload a little post to share with you what I've been purchasing recently....

After watching Welcome to the Rileys & developing Olympic Fever I purchased these for £12 from the glorious Metro Centre :D

Since seeing the piccie on the left which had typically sold out on Etsy, I've managed to hunt a similar (ish) pair out for £6 again from the Metro Centre

Not my first perfume choice, but I found myself caught short when I was away for the weekend and as I panic bought Katie Price's fragrances.

Left: Precious Love. Right: Stunning
The fragrance on the Left is a fruity and florally scent (£12) where as the pink scent on the right is an extremely strong sweet scent (£10). I must admit, neither are on my re-purchase list as I wasn't very impressed with her scents.

However, OPI have made it into my best purchase of the month.

Diva of Geneva
This polish is a beautiful reddy purpley shade, Definitely one of my fave shades for this year.

Hope your all well


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15 April 2012

Lash Perfect Eyelashes

Having had semi-permanent lashes in the past, mainly 3D and Nouveau, I decided to try this brand.

At prices ranging from £120-£220 in Lash Bar Carnaby Street, I opted for the extra volume lashes to give me some va va voom.

The procedure involves sitting on a comfortable beauty couch and having little collagen infused sticky pads placed under my lower lashes. My lower lashes were then taped to the pads to prevent my lower eyelashes being accidentally glued to the top lashes.

I then laid there for almost two hours whilst the Eyelash guru tediously stuck each lash onto my natural lashes individually.

In comparison to my experience of Nouveau lash application at Champneys spa, this was much more pleasurable. The pads at Champneys stung constantly despite being moved and the lashes were stuck together when I sat up and looked into the mirror. At Lash Bar there was enough time allocated and the lashes looked fab once completed.

See THIS LINK for more information on these lashes :)
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10 April 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle and Nail Refiner

£6.70 for 15mls

I personally find Sally Hansen products a little hit and miss. The idea of this cream is that it has micro-diamond powder and natural pumice which gives it a grainy exfoliating texture, as well as shea butter and ceramides to moisturise.

You apply a dab of the product to each nail and rub, rub, rub for 60 seconds and rinse off, then pat dry.

After taking of polish / nail wraps I find this scrubby cream can take off any discolouration or gluey gunk that is stuck to the nail. It does temporarily leave the nail looking brighter and healthier, however I don't imagine this product would work on severely stained nails.

This once a week treatment is very easy to use and it did improve the look of my nails. I shall continue to use it until it runs out.

Any other recommendations to help my hydrated cuticles greatly appreciated???
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7 April 2012

Hi there guys, Hope everyone is set to enjoy an extra long weekend off work... Happy Easter!

Well normally as the sunshine comes out I would book into the salon to get some highlights but this springtime I have gone darker to see if I can rock the raven beauty look  :)

Admittedly, it may be a little high maintenance and take a little more fake tan to stop me looking washed out, but overall I'm happy with the results.

Has anyone else been sporting a new look recently??
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5 April 2012

Deluxe 20" (160g) Clip In Remy Hair Extensions.
£74 + 2.99 Standard P&P

After being subscribed to Imogen on YT for quite a while now, I thought I would give her hair extensions a trial. I bought them here... foxylocks extensions

OK, so Imogen's site claims that these extensions are one of the thickest sets on the market which transform flat, lifeless hair into voluminous, long gorgeous locks. Well who doesn't want that right???

I have long hair, when straight it sits just at the bottom of my ribcage. It is however fine but there is a lot of it, so I wanted the extensions to just give me a little oomph :)

As modelled here perfectly by my friend  :)

I bought them in N#2, which is almost a perfect match when my hair is at it's natural shade, which is dark brown. I thought it was great that her site offers an exchange if you order the wrong colour.

My Natural Hair & Colour
The Hair Extensions

As these sets are remy/remi hair (cuticle correct) real hair, I treat these extensions like my real hair, I use my protective heat sprays prior to curling or straightening and wash them gently with my usual shampoo and conditioner to prevent build up of products. I've found through trial and error that Clairol Nice'N easy step 3 is the best. It's around £1-£1.50 for a small tube.

Also comes in red and blonde shades :)
I have also been using Boots Hi-Shine Conditioner which is around £1 per sachet. It has left my hair extensions smelling great but I much prefer the conditioning effects from the Clairol Conditioner.

The clips are quite sturdy and grip well, however the weight of the extensions does tend to give me scalp ache by the end of the day. I imagine that it is the same for any extensions of this weight.

I haven't had to much of an issue with shedding, the stitching does seem to secure the hair to the band quite nicely.

And... Voila!!!

As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on any extensions you can recommend or helpful hints/tips in caring for my extensions.

Em x
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3 April 2012


£ 47.50 for 50mls

Admittedly, having never have had an Issey Miyake perfume in the past, I thought I'd try this scent as I'd read so many great reviews on it. 

I tend to gravitate towards sweet and rose smelling perfumes such as Flowerbomb, and on first sniff this perfume ticked all my boxes.

It has a very strong initial smell of rose and floral topnotes, I can also smell citrus notes due to it containing mandarin and orange flowers. After a few minutes on my skin it then settles into the slight woody and musky base notes. The base notes have a real staying power, I can even smell it on my skin upto 3 hours after application.

In the bottle the scent smells like an ideal daytime, spring / summer scent. A very simple and light product that did seem to earn me a lot of compliments.

All that being said, I will not be re-purchasing this perfume as I don't think it settles on my skin very well and ends up being a bitter-tartish smell with musky undertones that just seems to linger for hours and I just don't think it deserves the hefty price tag.

Thanks for reading x
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1 April 2012

Always a sucker for a free sample to try out I bought the March ELLE magazine that was giving away Soap & Glory's Mascara, aptly called 'Thick and Fast'

This post has taken a while to actually upload, but finally here it is :)

I naturally am blessed with fairly long and curly eyelashes, So bearing this in mind I like a mascara to give a va va voom factor and accentuate my lashes whilst giving extra volume.

Admittedly I have never really used Soap & Glory's products as they have never really appealed to me, but work colleagues are often raving about their products so I thought I may as well try it rather than putting it straight in the bin.

The (magic) wand is huge, with lots of natural bristles. It does take a bit of getting used to, the first time I used it I somehow managed to get it on my nose and cheek :)

I find the brush is too big to use on lower lashes despite using the smallest bristles and holding the wand vertically.

This product does give the volume I crave for and provides extra length, but if you want curl then this possibly wont deliver. It did not flake off after 12 hours at work, the colour is a great dark black. Soap & Glory claim that the product contains technology to provide a false lash effect, leaving no flaking or clumps behind but I did find it occasionally clumped on applications and is prone to leaving a messy finish.

Finally, EOTD...

cue: wide eyed stare photo :)

Thanks for reading :)
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