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28 March 2012

Well lately I have been embracing the much needed sunshine we have had in the UK, finding myself reaching for citrusy scents and getting the shimmery moisturisers in preparation to bare my pins, so where better to start than Lush?  :)

Clockwise: Sandstone, Sea Veg, Black Stockings,
Shimmy Shimmy & Honey I Washed The Kids.

 First Up, the Soap Stack (£5.75)

Since the days of boring soaps that dried out your skin and were only loved by grannies everywhere, I have been an avid shower gel user. Lush however have come up with the answer and given soaps a new lease of life so I decided to give soaps another try.

These soaps perfectly compliment one another, I find that the zesty scent of Sandstone is great to use in my morning shower, containing a layer of sand to exfoliate skin. Lush says "Inspired by babes on the beaches of Brazil who mix sand with tanning oil to make their backsides as smooth as silk."
I must admit the exfoliating properties are great for everyday usage, but I didn't find it adequate for when I wanted to fake tan. I also didn't find that this soap had any moisturising properties, however that fantastic summer scent makes it a winner with me. Some bloggers have found this soap very messy leaving sand in the bottom of their baths, however I used a shower and had no trouble with the grains of sand draining away.


Ok, next up from this little duo is Sea Vegetable which is not as strong smelling as the sandstone but does however have a pleasant mild scent of the ocean. This one contains Seaweed, Sea Salt, Lavender and Lime. I find an uplifting scent like Lime combined with the calming scent of Lavender a strange combo, but it seems to work. Probably better for a bath rather than a shower to get the most out of this soap.

Sea Vegetable
Next up: Honey I Washed The Kids (£5.59 for my piece in piccie below)

This extremely sweet honey & caramel scented soap has been admired by bloggers world wide, not only for leaving skin smelling divine but it's amazing moisturising properties so I've finally decided to try it for myself. This soap contains softening honey properties, cooling aloe vera and uplifting sweet orange oil. A lovely combo for sore sunburned skin. Having tried this soap, I can certainly see why it is on Lush's best seller list, well worth a try :)

Honey I Washed The Kids

Now time to add the shimmer...

Shimmy Shimmy £4

This bar melts at body temperature and leaves an iridescent gold layer on skin. Great idea to highlight certain ares of your body i.e. shoulders, arms, chest etc.

I once bought a glittery bug in various colours from Lush and I think this is the re-vamped version. This product contains cocoa butter, clary sage oil, shea butter and lavender oil which probably explains the greasy feel it leaves on my skin. It smells like a caramelly, marshmallowy chocolate to me which I have to say, I'm not overly keen on. It rubs off onto clothes easily and doesn't absorb into skin.

Black Stockings £7.50

This solid tint is the darker version of silk stockings, I use this when I have fake tanned and just need a little shimmery pop to my pins.

If you are pale then this is not the tint for you. It also takes a little rubbing to get it to blend in, however it does give great coverage and evens out skin tone. The cocoa butter, shea butter, cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil and pimento berry oil give this bar it's moisturising properties. It is less greasy than the shimmy shimmy, however it will smear onto light coloured clothes in hot weather. This didn't hold up in a warm flat on a sunny day as you can see below...

Have a sparkalicious day :)
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21 March 2012

"Ageless Luxury" Hydration Gold
£27.50 for 15 mls

Having already sampled a free sample sachet of this product that came with my Eye Lift and liked the results, I went on to buy this creme, you can find the larger 30ml version here -->  feel unique

Ok, so Transformulas say that this creme provides Anti-Ageing, Line Filling Hydrating Recovery Creme with Gold Powder. Drench your skin in 23 carat luxury.

I like the packaging of this product. The box is crammed full of facts and application tips. The bottle itself has an easy to use screw top. I like the fact you can see how much product is left in the bottle and don't have to keep guessing.

The product firstly boasts to prevent the build up of toxic substances, which then reduces the damage of free radicals and nourish your skin with vitamins as well as soften, hydrate and regenerate your skin.

The shimmering of the 23 carat gold dust gives a radiant glow, however it can look intimidating on the finger tips once it's blended it looks soft and sheer. I can see how it would work well as a highlighter however I blend it into the whole of my face.

I'm not convinced that I automatically appear toned and have my fine lines filled, but the shimmering effect gives the illusion of such. My skin did feel less tight and I find that occasionally I will wear this without foundation sweeped across the face which compliments my tan.

Without Flash
With Flash

Has anyone had any experience with Transformulas Brand that they'd like to share?

Have a sparkalicious day xx
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15 March 2012

Tisty Tosty Ballistic

A beautiful blend of rose absolute, geranium, jasmine, lemon oil and orris makes this fizzy bathbomb top of my favourites list.

Left - Amandopondo & Right - Titsy Totsy
However I'm not convinced that this ballistic will have the love of my life running towards me with open arms, the seven rose buds are a nice touch and the smell that filled my bathroom was divine. Definitely on my re-purchase list.

I also paired my Titsy Totsy ballistic with ...


Another wonderful rose absolute and lemon mixture that makes this bubble bar heavenly and leaves you feeling moisturised and smelling divine. I found that half of the bar gives the same result as a full one. The only con being it doesn't completely dissolve, so be prepared to be sitting in a bath with bits on the bottom :)

Let me know if you have found any great bath products lately, feel free to comment :)
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