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29 February 2012

Hello fellow bloggers and beauty product lovers. Lately I have been sporting some of the latest nail wraps and I thought I'd share with you my experience on my first attempt to use this type of product.

I bought these nail wraps from the eBay seller Kozmetix2010 for £3.50 with free P&P, so it's a great bargain to use for a first attempt before moving on to the more expensive brands  :)

As you can see, I haven't yet perfected my technique but I have to admit they were easy to apply.

I just stuck them on and filed them down.

I also bought some orange sticks that really helped seal the edges.

£1 @ Sainsburys

The wraps did stay intact for the majority of my night out, but did start to peel at the corners at the end of the night. They easily peeled off and did not leave any adhesive on my nail or damage the nail.

If you have been thinking of trying nail wraps then I would definitely recommend you give them a try :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Em xx
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24 February 2012

With Hydrosenn+ and contains SPF 15

When I was in Sephora on a recent shopping trip to the states, I came away with a sample of their moisturising cream so I thought I would try it to see if it lives up to the rave reviews I've been reading.

Sephora have stated this cream was evaluated by 32 volunteers and after 28 days 72% said they had less visible deep wrinkles and 94% said they had firmer skin. This cream is paraben sulfate free and provides moderate sun protection.

This cream can take a while to dry as your waiting for the skin to 'drink' the moisture. I applied mine before styling my hair to give at least 30 mins prior to applying my make-up routine.

The cream smells really nice, it has a subtle scent that reminds me of white Lillie's.

The cream feels so thick and rich on massaging it into the skin. It absorbed within 5 minutes, I'm aware a popular complaint about this product is the length of time it takes to absorb into the skin. It does however leave a layer on top of the skin, not quite greasy but a tacky feel is left behind. For that reason I would say that I would keep this as a night cream or wear it on a make-up free day, as it can encourage foundation to slide off despite using good quality face primers.

It did however give fantastic moisturisation to my dry winter skin. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Sephora and trial a free sample of this cream.

Thanks for reading :)
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20 February 2012

Transformulas EyeLifting Gel
£29 for 10 mls

This gel has been described as an eyelift in a tube and has graced the famous faces of A list celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, So if it's good enough for Mrs B then maybe the " Biotechnological Eye Care Innovation" could work wonders on us mere mortals too.

It claims to be suitable for all skin types and will brighten and firm even the tiredest of eyes. It promises immediate, semi-permanent results and long term benefits.

The wand applicator is designed to sweep across the under eye area and I used my index finger to pat in the excess of the product.

Admittedly, I usually prefer creams over gels. I was previously using Shiseido's Benefiance Wrinkle Lifting Concentrate topped with L'Oreals Revitalift and I found they left my eyes feeling moisturised and fresh but didn't change the fine lines or dark circles that are slowly becoming more noticeable as the years pass me by :)

This product is ideally used on cleansed skin underneath your usual moisturiser. It has a cooling sensation that relieves tired eyes and is so refreshing.

I have now been using it for approx three weeks, every AM and admittedly those fine lines are still not budging. If I see any changes I shall let you guys know but so far there's no change.

As another little beauty bonus I also had a free sample enclosed in the box, it was a .......

Now who wouldn't want to have a face cream as luxurious as 23 carat gold.
As always, Thanks for reading :D
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12 February 2012

Clairol Perfect 10 Nice'N Easy
£ 7.14 for kit

As an avid salon lover, I wanted to try a DIY kit to see if they really are as good as the hairdressers and give the results they promise.

You've probably seen the shelves, stacked full of home dye kits, and I must admit, it's overwhelming choosing between your permanent, semi-permanent or hint of a tint types, then there's an array of colours,  from blue black to the brightest red. I however decided to play it safe and opt for a colour similar to my natural hair, which will get rid of the lighter highlights that's currently in my hair.

So here goes...

Clairol promise a high gloss colour in 10 minutes with full grey coverage in permanent colour.

It contains an activating creme, a colour creme, pair of gloves, comb type applicator and a conditioning treatment that is supposed to last 6 weeks.

OK, so I mixed the products, applied and washed out after 10 mins and applied the conditioning treatment.

Now for the before and afters...



Also required was a colour remover towellette, for those brown stains that appeared on my forehead.

I'm not entirely sure I'm converted from salon hair colouring, but as a quick fix it was easy to use and didn't appear to damage my hair.

As always, thanks so much for reading,

Em x
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9 February 2012

£4.95 for 25G

My unloved lips have been feeling dry this Winter, so I thought it was time that I invested in a lip scrub and showed them some much needed TLC... Well it will be Valentines Day soon right???

After so many rave reviews I opted to try Lush's most popular sold lip scrub...

This is a slightly oily sugar scrub. The smell is extremely sweet and sugary like candy floss. The sugar was fab at exfoliating my lips and definitely gave me the perfect base for my lippie.

The shop assistant appeared to be on a sugar high from dipping his fingers in his pot of scrub and munching it, however I never dip my fingers into Lush's tester pots, so I bought one to try at home.

I took a small amount and rubbed it all over my lips with my index finger.

Rather than licking it off I opted for rinsing it off with warm water as the ideal of swallowing dead skin grosses me out :D

All in all, it was a lovely scrub but be prepared to slather on some of your favourite lip cream / balm as I found it offered minimal moisturisation.

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6 February 2012

Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Face Mask
£1.01 for 10mls

A soothing face mask that contains wild strawberry to help soften and smooth skin whilst the clay draws out impurities / excess oil.

I must admit, I'm a salon-aholic but when I saw this sachet I thought it would be great to throw in a suitcase and have available when I'm out of the UK and in need of some DIY pampering. The packaging is quite robust, I have had tucked in a case for a few trips now and the sachet has not ripped or torn. The instructions are clear and it's relatively easy to get the product out.

My initial impression of the product was that its consistency was much gloopyer than other face masks I have used in the past. It however smells divine and reminds me of strawberry fromage frais :)

So, as recommended, I left it on for 5 minutes, then rinsed off with warm water and patted the skin dry. Strawberries contain naturally occurring salicylic acid, which is often a component of over the counter acne treatments, so it should help reduce future breakouts.

It did leave my skin feeling fresh and clean, however I did need to slather on plenty of moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt incredibly dry.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post, feel free to comment with links. :)
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3 February 2012

£2.95 per pumice

A really strong zesty lemongrass scented pumice stone which softens tired tootsies after a busy day shopping in heels :)

This foot scrub contains Cocoa Butter and Lemongrass Oil to provide moisturisation, alongside fine sea salt which will slough off the dead skin as well as provide some anti-bacterial properties and stimulation.

I used this in the shower and only needed half, but be aware that it begins to crumble as soon as you hold it. I recommend you break bits off to save wasting it down your plug hole.

In contact with water the sodium bicarb starts to set off the fizzing action and you need to act quickly before it dissolves. You don't want to leave this under running water or it will completely disappear.

It leaves your feet smelling dreamy, but it didn't provide me with any exfoliation. I won't re-purchase this product and shall be sticking with a plain pumice stone and regular pedicures to keep my feet in perfect looking.. well.. Lush!

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment it makes my day :)
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