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4 January 2012

Post Xmas Body Shop Mini Haul

In the 80's I used to adore the Body Shop and I still remember the strong fruity and white musk perfume oil that all of us giggly school girls used to practically bathe in. I often find that after Christmas they usually have some fabulous sales so I wandered in there a couple of days ago and picked up these products.

Admittedly the Cranberry joy gel smells much nicer than the Candied Ginger, The Ginger scent doesn't smell as yummy as my favourite Origins range.

The photo isn't as clear here (sorry) but the tub is a very yummy smelling Cranberry Joy Body Scrub, I have used it and it's left my bathroom smelling divine as well as giving me a good buffing. I love my Cranberry Scrunchie too.

The three pots above are Cranberry Joy and Candied Ginger Body Butters. Again, the ginger scent just isn't as impressive as my Ginger Rush and the product doesn't moisturise as well, it's more like it leaves a light greasy film over the skin, hence the fact it's a butter I guess :) I will use these on knees and elbows, or slather it on before bedtime for a more intensive treatment.

Also I found a few of their eye definers still sealed in my make up case that I thought I'd share with you, I completely forgot I had them.

I have read a lot of negative reviews about their eye definers, but I'm yet to try them myself.
Has anyone bought any fab bargains lately, feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. love the body shop- it's really come down in price too!

    1. Yes they are reasonably priced. I do like their Love perfume for a cheap and cheerful scent also :)


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