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2 January 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat

Vitalumiere Eclat Comfort Radiace Compact Make-Up B30 (Beige Sable)
I paid £36.65 in duty free (with tax- £49.50)

Hi there my lovelies, so I just wanted to share with you my newest make-up compact.

I've been looking for a new powder for a while now, as I feel my routine has outgrown my YSL pressed powder, as I've been using it for a few years now.

As usual the Chanel shop assistant was attentive and helpful, I told her I wanted full coverage that can last all night long. I know some people actually use this as a powder foundation, I however will be using it alongside my Pro-Lumiere liquid base.

The product is well packaged, It contains a velvet pouch, a mini brush and a booklet. I like the pouch as it should stop the compact becoming scratched or breaking.

Inside the compact is a good quality sponge and the powder is so silky on application and provides a very nice radiant glow. The powder itself is easily build-able, on it's own it provides a medium coverage and doesn't appear to clog the pores.

The product comes in 8 shades, contains SPF 10 to offer sunscreen protection from harmful rays and should last all day long.

It also has that signature Chanel scent which I quite like.

w/o flash
with flash
This product is supposed to be fantastic at setting liquid foundations and has had many rave reviews from YT gurus and beauty bloggers.

Another bonus for this product is that you can purchase separate refills to help save the environment and your hard earned pennies...

Hope you are all well. Feel free to recommend any other products you'd like to see me review or think I'd be interested in :)

Em xx

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