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31 January 2012

Includes: Pink MIA, Universal Charger, Sensitive Brush Head & Travel Size Cleanser.

$130 (approx £90 @ time of purchase)

After watching missglamorazzi's You Tube Video on her skincare routine I became intrigued to try this product. I also suffer from dreaded breakouts regularly and I'm constantly on the look out for a gadget/ cream ( or anything ) that will finally banish my blemishes.

So when I was in Bloomingdales I finally snaffled my newest member of my skincare routine...

I opted for the Baby Pink MIA as a contribution of the purchase shall be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

Inside the box...

MIA, Cleanser, Charger, User Guide, 1x Brush Head.

The handset comes with a sensitive brush head, however if you do suffer from breakouts then the Delicate Skin brush head is recommended, so I bought 2 @ $27 each (incl tax) Each brush head can last for upto 3 months.

Clarisonic's brush oscillates over 300 times a second, the micro-massage motion is designed to work with the skin to reduce risk of damaging delicate skin by stretching or pulling. The gentle massage action should release dirt, make-up, oils and impurities trapped in pores, cleaning upto 6 times better than hands alone. 

After using the MIA, skin should absorb serums and moisturisers much more effectively, giving more radiant skin.

The refreshing gel cleanser is marketed for normal/oily skin. It is a foaming gentle cleanser which as a bonus is Paraben Free. This gel has gained itself a terrible reputation and even the sales rep was not thrilled with this cleanser.

The gel smells really fresh and clean. It has some small purpley shimmers in the gel and looks pretty. On the skin it leaves a squeaky clean feel but I found it extremely drying on my combination skin.

Ok, So on using this product I found the "universal charger" didn't fit into my shaver socket like I originally thought it would, luckily I already had a converter from shaver 2 prongs plug to the UK 3 prong plug socket and that's working fine.

I haven't as yet had a skin purge and I'm two days into using this twice a day. I have been using the gel cleanser it came with and my skin is definitely becoming quite dry. I've ordered Philosophy's Purity One-Step Cleanser which shall hopefully prevent the drying effects.

Thanks for reading  :)

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28 January 2012

3D Make-Up Sponge Applicator
$12 ( Approx £8.27 at time of purchase)

Sephora boasts that this latex free, Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial is a must have make-up applicator for any beauty conscious individual.

Sephora have stated that this tool can help in the application of foundation, concealer, blush and help contour your face with ease. The sponge is in an egg design, the top is pointed for correcting and getting into smaller areas. The larger rounded bottom end is designed for blending and covering larger areas.

I usually use my M.A.C. 187 brush for foundation application and many others for contouring and blush, I must admit I'm really happy with the results they give me, However having read some rave reviews on this sponge I bought this to see if a sponge really does help with coverage and reduce the bulk in my make-up bag :)

The packaging is fairly basic, It's a clear plastic container and easily opens. It wasn't anything spectacular but did the job.

When using the sponge it does not break, it absorbs a lot of the product and I found it easy to use. I think the patting motion of the sponge helps press the foundation into the skin giving a more air brushed appearance, hiding pores and gives a great even coverage.

However, after applying my foundation I noticed a mask like line under my chin, it didn't particularly blend the foundation very well and I had to use my brush on my neck for blending. I also found that the sponge absorbed quite a lot of the liquids I was putting on my face.

After being unable to blend foundation into my jawline and contour without harsh lines I have thrown this sponge away. I don't feel it does a good job and shall be sticking with using brushes until I find a better option.

Thanks for reading.
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25 January 2012

Lipstick Base with SPF 15
£10 for 2G

As I have been an avid UD eyeshadow primer potion fan, I thought I really should try the lip primer to see if it really can make my lip colour last for longer and give the smoother / soft finish that it boasts.

The formula contains Vitamins A, E & C, as well as an SPF of 15 to protect the lips.

The packaging is quite typical for UD, it's a metal pretty roll-up tube with the trademark purple tattooed design.

The product is deliberately formed into a slanted bullet to allow for a more precise application.

On the lip it gives a matte pale finish, similar to a finish my YSL concealer would give.

I would highly recommend you don't use this on dry or cracked lips as it just emphasises the imperfections. On applying I find it can be a little hard to get a complete even finish as it tends to clump and tug at the lips.

Ok, so this product did not seem to add any moisturisation to my lips, I didn't even really notice my lipstick last any longer either. It did however give a great base colour to help my lipstick colour pop more than if I didn't have the base on.

I won't re-purchase this product, I'd much rather find a more moisturising product that does help my lip colour last longer.

Also, after using it a few times the stick broke in half and now I keep trying to mould it to the other half of the product.


Thanks for reading, feel free to comment. It makes my day :)
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22 January 2012

Resist & Shine Titanium in 603 (Deep Geranium)
£6.19 for 9mls

A polish that not only colours, but it also protects. L'Oreal claims that this product is chip resistant and can hold for up to 7 days. The Ceramide R formula provides reinforcement of the nail surface and unlike other polishes this won't dry out the nail or weaken your nails.

The packaging is a gold plastic top with a thick glass bottle. The top comes off to reveal a black plastic twist lid which has thick set non-slip grooves and is attached to a thick bristled brush.

 I like the shape of the bristles, it allows for a full precise coverage in two sweeps across the nail.

The secret to the hold of this product is siliprotect, which prevents chippage and gives that wonderful shine and smoothed appearance. One coat is all this product needs due to the thick formula. There is a high red pigmentation and it gives a wonderful pop of colour.

Excuse the messy application :)

I found this product dried to a tacky consistency in around 60-90 seconds and completely in within 3 minutes. The colour in the bottle however is different to the colour on the nail. In the bottle the colour has a pinkish tone, however on the nail it is a deep rose red.

My sister has been wearing this polish on her nails for 5 days and so far there are no chips to be seen. I would definitely purchase another bottle of this product in a different colour as I'm quite impressed with the results.

Thanks for reading :D
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18 January 2012

TIGI Bedhead After Party Smoothing Cream

£15.15 for 100mls

I was recently tweeted by a follower requesting a review on the After Party Cream I have previously blogged about in a mini haul.

I have re-purchased this little gem again and again. It's the only thing that can tame my frizzy, coarse locks and I haven't yet found another product that can give my hair a sleek appearance like this one can.

TIGI say this is a smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair. This cream calms funky fly aways and silk-ifies your hair. It can be bought in hairdressers, TiGi's website, and larger Boots stores.

I quite like the packaging of this product. It has a typically TiGi kitsch design, from it's neon pink bottle to the large transparent bubble cap. Aside from it's phallic design the bottle is very well designed, I've never known the pump to clog or clump and it doesn't waste any product.

The product is very thick, 2 pumps covers my mid to lower hair, I don't apply this to the scalp area.

2x pumps

The cream feels silky and rich, It only takes 2 pumps for my long hair, I rub it between my hands and then work it into my damp hair before blow-drying. I like to but a little extra on the ends to help seal them. Some people do use this on dry hair as a freshener, but I tried this once to only get an greasy look. I only use this on my hair when blow-dring straight, if I'm opting for curls I use specific curly hair products.

I love the scent too, I would describe it as a fresh soapy / fruity smell. It's quite strong initially but not overpowering.

I think it's important to highlight that this product does not actually work at improving the hair structure, it just gives the appearance of such. It's also suitable for all hair types, however I would urge you to re-consider if you have a greasy hair type and wish to apply it to your tresses when they're dry.

Taa Daahh!

I'm not sure if there are any other hair creams out there that work this well, and recs greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,
Em x
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16 January 2012

Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner

Rimmel have released this range and promising that the product is easy to use. It's professional brush is raved to leave a smudge and smear free finish, with just the sharpest of lines giving a slick overall finish.

I have this liner in two colours...

007 Precious Green
004 Diamond Kiss

I've never been a eyeliner lover, I'm not sure why but applying liner is just not a skill I possess.
I'm really heavy handed and end up with uneven eyes which tend to give me a shocked or uneven expression :D

Rimmel claim that this brush shall put an end to all my struggles to get the perfect liner, they claim their brush is professional and will give me sharp and slick lines. The brush is quite thin with long soft bristles.

I picked the colour Precious Green as I have hazel coloured eyes and just wanted to have a little pop of colour with a nice gold / green smokey eye.

with flash

without flash

Diamond Kiss is a silvery colour that is slightly bolder than the green shade and I would probably use it with a more monochrome or blueish smokey eye.  

with flash

without flash
I really wanted to like this product, especially after reading so many rave reviews, however for me I just didn't get the pay off. I found the liquid a bit gloopy, and although Rimmel boasted claims of a smudge free finish that just wasn't my experience. It took a long time to dry and I didn't get the sharpest lines. On the positive as you can see, both colours provide intense pigmentation as you can see on the above piccies. Probably a great basic liner for a fancy dress purposes etc, but I found after 3 hours that the product begins to flake off. Not a product I will re-purchase.

Thanks for reading, xx
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14 January 2012

Eau de Parfum
£59 for 50 mls
(My set also contained 100 mls Body Lotion which came free.)

"We see in our crystal ball a beautiful woman surrounded by a vibrant aura that glows with the energy of light. She's wearing a floaty white gossamer, and a luminescent perfume with a glowing, floral aroma. That woman is you" (",)

The bottle is designed in a cylindrical shape and crafted from metals and glass. The bottle is set with a beautiful, genuine, expertly cut swarovski crystal. It is refillable which is a first for me. I believe this scent also comes in 30ml and 100 ml options. I opted for the original bottle, however there was a more glitzy limited edition version with lots of pretty coloured crystal detailing also on sale. These were much more expensive, however as the bottles refillable some may believe it to be more of an investment :)

However my bottle is plainer, it's still pretty and has the signature crystal on the top.

Originally released in Spring 2011, Olivier Cresp designed this perfume with high notes of litchi fruit elements mixed with a heavy rose influence. The heart of the fragrance contains Tuberose and base notes of Pink Pepper, Amber, White Musk and Benzoin give this scent a more feminine touch. A floral fruity incandescent fragrance, which is absolutely divine in my opinion.  I would describe it ideally as a spring/summer daytime scent.

I adore this scent, and shall definitely add it onto my re-purchase list :) It not only smelt wonderful but it lasted for a few hours and I receive a lot of compliments when wearing this scent... yum!

Em xx
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12 January 2012

Camera flashes always manage to highlight every blemish, under-eye bag and any hyper-pigmentation I may have, After the casper effect of Benefit IT Stick I went back to my favourite highlight by YSL.

I shall never stray again, well not this month anyway  ツ

Touch Eclat (Radiant Touch)
No 1 £22.50
No 2 $36.50 (approx £25 @ time of purchase)

No. 1

No. 2
This is a fantastic product that really lives up to it's reputation. I tend to have dark circles and a natural olive tone to my skin. I use this to highlight my brow bone, accentuate cupids bow, hide under eye bags and brighten inner corners of my eye.

Top No 1, Bottom No 2.

I look a little like a warrior until it's all blended in :)

I also needed something a little heavier to camouflage the dreaded pimples on my face, so I also purchased ...

 Multi Action Concealer in No 2
$32 ( approx £23 @ time of purchase)

No. 2

The bevelled tip allows for easy application and the product was so creamy and easy to blend in.

I'm yet to see how the light diffusing pigments show up on photos, no doubt  tagged FB photos will reveal all over the Christmas Season.

Note to self: YSL is much more expensive across the pond! In future I really must do more homework before splurging the cash.

Has anyone else got recommendations for great concealers?

Em xx
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10 January 2012

Colgate Wisp Mini brushes (Pk of 4)
$1.64 plus tax which converted to £1.30 @ time of purchase

I read somewhere that after mealtimes chewing gum promotes a healthier mouth care regime by neutralising the mouth and in turn reducing bacteria, since then I've been an avid chompaholic. I'm not sure about you, but when I'm at work I can't be seen munching copious amounts of gum so I went on a mission to find a suitable alternative.

I bought these mini brushes in 3 different flavours: Icy Bubble (pretty pink bead), Spearmint (green bead) and Coolmint ( boasts whitening and has a blue bead). I also believe that these brushes come in a Cinnamint flavour (red bead) but I couldn't find this flavour.

OK, so the packaging isn't exactly breathtaking. I bought my brushes in packs of 4, that come in a plastic shell, similar to typical toothbrushes. The plus side to the packaging is that you don't have to have a pair of scissors to break into it. It was easy to pop open and inside all of the brushes are individually sealed in foil backs for freshness.

The Wisp is an oral care aid that contains a liquid filled bead within a mini-brush which in turn releases a burst of freshness. The bonus for me was that there is no need for rinsing and the brushes are so small they easily fit in any hand bag.

The bristles are tiny plastic bristles, the idea is to prevent abrasion and I have to say the bristles did work better than I imagined they would on the front teeth, however it was difficult to get into all the little gaps as the bristles are much shorter than a regular toothbrush.

There is also a toothpick style end which has a curvature to help get between the teeth. The end is quite flexible to prevent damage to the delicate gum tissue.

Ok, so on first using the brush, the bristles felt hard and after as I continued to use it they became slightly softer. I found the bead difficult to burst but after some chomping on the bead I managed to release the liquid. The flavour was strong and I have to admit I'm disappointed in the harshness of the Icy Bubble flavour. Typically, this is also the flavour that I bought 3 packs of as I thought they looked the prettiest.

Also the idea of swallowing the dirt and plaque removed from my teeth becomes less appealing the more I think about it.

All in all, it is a great product if your desperate for a little freshness, however I don't feel particularly cleaner after using this product. I'll continue to use these products that I bought but I remain to be convinced that they are a must have in my mouthcare regime.

Em xx
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8 January 2012

Beyonce Pulse Eau de Parfum
£30 for 50mls

"Here's a perfume from a lady who sets pulses racing for a pastime. Much like her it's powerful, feminine and one-of-a-kind, and the woman who wears it is equally impossible to ignore. A truly innovative melody of citrus, floral and gourmand".

So is this scent bootylicious or booty awful?

Ok, so as you can see, the packaging has been designed to stand out from the crowd. The box has an attractive, simplistic holographic design. The metal look cap is actually plastic and it isn't designed for ease of use, It's a bit of a fumbly process to get the bottle out. The blue aquatic liquid looks like fresh tropical sea which I like.

The packaging is fairly cheap, it really didn't excite me and the payoff wasn't great either.

When I spritzed the scent on a card in the shop it smelt quite nice so I bought it, but since getting it home and trying it on my clothes and skin I've realised it smells different than I initially thought.

Firstly the base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and slightly Musky. This is paired with more Musk and Precious Woods then layered with Madagascar Vanilla, Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Peony, Bluebird Orchid, Pear Blossom, Bergamot and Blue Curacao Liqueur.

Admittedly I don't believe I've ever tried Blue Curacao Liqueur, but there is definatly some alcoholic notes in the mix, which has a slightly creamy effect. There is also a spicy aspect to this perfume, it does have a over-powering peppery smell initially until it settles on the skin.

I can smell the Bluebird Orchid which becomes more apparent when the scent settles, but admitedly I find the floral notes overall quite limp.

I've never tried any of Beyonce's scents before and this perfume doesn't encourage me to do so again. It is different to all the others in my collection and I think it's going to be a love it or loathe it scent. An hour after spritzing I find it just leaves a subtle baby talcum powder scent and needs re-application regurlarly :)

Thanks for reading xx
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6 January 2012

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Another sample sized product I've found un-loved and neglected hidden away on a bulging bathroom shelf, so I thought I'd trial it for a review to see if it's worth the £55 price tag for the full size.

Lancome says it will leave skin instantly soft, smooth and supple. The overall result should be refined, radiant and even-toned skin after just 7 days. They advise to apply daily, morning and evening after washing and before the usual skincare routine.

As I've mentioned before, my skin has a tendency to break out and as Lancome claimed this product to be non-greasy I thought I'd challenge it until the bottle ran out and see how well it delivered on it's promises.

Overall, it did leave my skin almost instantly more hydrated and feeling super soft. It only has a very mild fresh scent and the pipette allows for easy targeted application. It didn't change the skin tone any more than Bio-Oil but does feel much more luxurious  and a little goes a very long way.

Thanks for reading xx
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