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14 December 2011

Some TIGI treats

Yet again fellow beauty bloggers I have been treating myself to a little retail therapy.

One of the glorious things about Crimbo for me is the self indulgent gift sets, so here is two of my favourite sets that you can purchase in hair salons around the UK.

First up, The Party Girl Set

This set is fabulous value for money as you basically get the the Maxxed-Out for free. I'm a shine addict and use the After Party & Headrush as part of my daily hair routine. The After Party Cream helps tame my curly hair when I'm blow drying my hair and prevents frizz. It gives it a healthy look, however does not appear to have any repairing or protective properties.

Headrush is described as a shine adrenaline with a superfine mist for extreme gloss with all over coverage. It smells fab and I use it on the mid to lower lengths on dry hair.

Secondly, The Superstar Volume Set

Ok, So this is a change from my usual Root Boost but hopefully it can perform just as well. This set is all about adding volume and texture. The Superstar Queen For A Day is applied to the roots of the hair and then the Superstar Blowdry Lotion is worked into the mid and lower lengths to provide thickness and movement.

Expect a review on these sets in the New Year :D

Hope your all well,

Em xx


  1. I have After Party, but I always use too much of it even though I know I'm using too much haha! It is great for when I get my hair curled at hairdressers though and I want to keep them an extra day :D

  2. Yes, I have naturally curly hair and it can fight the frizz if I'm wearing it curly too :) x

  3. Thanks for the comment miss :0)
    weightloss is a very hard challange but the feeling and confidence it brings is well worth it! Congrats also! Keep up the great work

    Following you now also, <333

  4. Hi Jasmine, Thank you for taking a peek! Thanks for following, hugs Em xx


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