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4 December 2011

Stamping Nail Art

Being someone that's not very good at nail art I was pretty intrigued with the Konad sets that are on sale. They promise me that they are easy to use and not to messy and it seemed like a great alternative to foils.

Konad Nail Art Starter Set 

To use this I Splodged paint on the pattern (on the plate) that I wanted, used the scraper across it and stamped the plate then my nail.

OK, so in all honesty, easy really isn't a term I'd use to describe application. After quite a few attempts I realised the trick is to be really quick to stamp the plate and get it on the nail. To fit in with the current season I should have bought the m12 Christmas plate.

I won't be building on this collection, I think foils and gems shall continue to be the extent of my nail art, my god daughter (she's 7) however thinks that it's fab.

Hope you are all well, TC!

Em x

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