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6 December 2011

Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Eau de Parfum
£55.25 for 50mls

Hi there everyone, So today I'm going to do a short post on a perfume I've recently tested a few times.

It's described as an elegant, sensual, mysterious and voluptuous fragrance.
Words such as 'sophisticated' and 'womanly' are often mentioned in reviews on this product.

NB. Please note I don't own full size, I've been using samples for this review.
I love the classic black box that this fragrance comes in, It's packaging is quite minimalist chic, the bottle is thick set glass. The product dried quickly and didn't leave any oily residue.

What struck me was the many layers of scent that this product has. It started off with an intense woody and musky note, which also had some fruity undertones. After 30 minutes when it settled, it was much more of a floral scent lingering on my skin, almost lily like.

The scent stayed on my skin for at least 1 hour without re-sprays, I did get compliments on the scent for upto two hours after spritzing. I however think this fragrance is to heavy for me, I'm aware that many women enjoy this as there is many rave reviews out there.

I much prefer scents that are lighter, musk seems to turn into quite an acidic smell on my skin.. yuk! This is not a perfume I will re-purchase. I much prefer scents such as Flowerbomb, Parisienne and millionaire which are much lighter and sit on the floral / sweet end of the spectrum.

Hope everyone is well,

Em xx

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