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1 December 2011

My Evening Skincare Routine

Being a terribly vain person (so my wonderful friends keep telling me:) I spend alot of time attempting to give the illusion of a perfectly contoured, slightly tanned and clear complexion, but as any of us know, it's how we care for our skin that really makes the difference.

I find that if my night-time routine isn't strictly adhered to, I'm sure to suffer an active break out in the next few days.

My skin is acne prone with hyper-pigmentation from previous break-outs on my cheeks and temples. My skin overall is tending to lean on the dryish spectrum lately, possibly due to the cold weather with a greasy nose... gross, I know!

Firstly I try to remove the majority of my foundation with my foam wash...

YSL Eau Moussante Nettoyante Revelatrice D'eclat
(Rinse-off Foaming Water Radiance Revealer)

This foams up well on slightly damp skin, 2 pumps is enough for my face and neck. Then I rinse off and pat dry with fluffy towel.

Then I use my Neutrogena Wave with the original deep clean cleansing pads and I find if I use it regularly it does improve my skins texture.


If my skin is feeling particularly dry I use the rough side of my Delon+ Cotton Round

These pads work well with my ...

YSL Baume Soyeux Demaquillant Revelateur D'eclat
(Cleansing Silky Balm Radiance Revealer)

Next up is my  YSL Lotion Douce Hydrante
(Hydration Beauty Toner)

and I apply this product with the rough side of a Delon+ Cotton Round to remove the residue of my cleansing product. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and not greasy at all.

Whichever method I use to cleanse my face, I always use this toner/ make-up remover to remove my eye make-up with  the soft side of a Delon+ pad.

I have a topical acne treatment I'm using on the active break-outs called Skinoren (Azelaic Acid) which was prescribed by my GP and if any of you have used this before, you will know it makes your skin itch like crazy.

I then like to use really good quality moisturisers to help my skin repair overnight when I sleep. I use a patting motion as I recently read that this helps the skin absorb the products, as opposed to rubbing it in.

I currently use L'oreal Revitalift Eye and Face Cream, purely because my Elizabeth Arden Millennium Night Renewal Cream and Eye Renewal Cream had ran out, so I picked up some new moisturisers from the local supermarket to try.

Lastly, before donning night clothes and bunking down, I slather on a generous amount of Carmex and sometimes a little Badger Temple Rub.

and my L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

Night Night my fellow bloggers, Sweet dreams xx

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