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9 December 2011

Benefit IT Stick

It promised to erase my fine lines and creases from around the mouth and nose. It states it will leave us looking younger and refreshed, sounds fab doesn't it? Who wouldn't want that right???

As your probably aware this product was discontinued a while ago in stores, but after so many rave reviews I went hunting it out online.

I found it on Amazon for £17 for 2.4G

It is a creamy concealer stick with a one shade suits all approach.

I think personally its more of a highlighter than concealer, quite frankly I can see why it was discontinued and I'm dissapointed in the product. I used it on my brow bone and around the eyes, which looked terrible. It worked well on cupids bow sealing my lipstick however.

If anyone is thinking of going online and purchasing one of these, I really would urge you to think twice. There are some great concealers out there within the same price range.

Thanks for reading,

Em xx

1 comment:

  1. I was never convinced by this product. I did end up keeping it in my handbag as an emergency concealer though. It was definitely not something I was going to re-purchase xxx


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