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1 November 2011

Shopping for Hols in Honolulu.

I do like to migrate for the winter, and part of the foreplay for me is the shopping. I often can't wait until I get to the duty free. So here is my latest little shopping trip from top to toe :D  ...

Heads up:

L - R. After_Sun Shampoo £11.60, Waterwear £15.95 & Solar Screen £15.35.


L - R. Bio-Oil £15.17 and SPF 30 face cream £15.50
( I've read Bio-oil is fab for dehydrated skin )

Body Care:

L - R. After Sun £8.16 each, SPF 15 Protector Oil £15.72 & SPF 30 Protector Oil £15.72
(My absolute favourite tan maximiser is the Lancome tan extender around £25)


TOWIE Style Bikini... Well.... I am going to Hawaii! :D  £35 ( bought online)


Not the best piccie, but I'm sure you recognise them £165
( I dropped my last pair of Chanel sunnies down the loo :)

I'm positive I shall be on more shopping trips before I fly out in next few weeks, just thought I'd share some of my little finds. Is anyone else escaping the cold British weather in the next few months?

Em x


  1. Oooh lucky you jetting off to Hawaii! I use Bio Oil on my face too when it's feeling dry, it works great :)

  2. Oh you do? I'm glad it's worked for you. I've read it can make you break out, I really hope my skin doesn't react to it :)

  3. Love, love loooove the bikini!

    sophie x

  4. Thanks Sophie, I wonder what my friends will make of them as I've bought a few more since :D x


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