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12 November 2011

Looking for that miracle mascara, Day 6/7

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Max Factor stated on their packaging that we finally don't need to fake it anymore, as we can have the same effect with our own lashes. OK, So I had my reservations, but thought I'd try it out anyway...

The brush is quite simple, yet effective. It doesn't catch all of the tiny inner and outer corner lashes, but it does have a fabulous impact on all the others. The synthetic plastic bristles don't completely stop clumps, but does counteract a lot of the clumping this product would give with another type bristle.

OK, So the effect...
3 coats.

I applied this product with a wiggle. I liked the effect, it give volume and easily built up on lashes. Does become flaky after 6 hours however. A close competitor for the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

Thanks for reading

Em x

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