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10 November 2011

Looking for that miracle mascara, Day 4/7

Lancome Hypnose - Mascara - Volume

Following trying out the Hypnose Drama I was quite impressed so I thought I'd try out the Hypnose mascara.  Lancome say this product is different as you can control the look of the lashes by building up for a fuller effect or wear less product for a subtle look. I liked the idea of a versatile mascara, Lancome also stated no flaking or caking.

I was surprised how well this brush worked, it really caught all of my tiny corner lashes and gave great coverage on all the middle lashes. I used a dab on approach to the lower lashes and a small amount did run onto my skin whilst waiting for it to dry.

It does take a little longer to dry, but I'm assuming that is why you are able to build the product up quite nicely. I applied 2 coats.

OK, So the claims of no flaking... It did a little after around 6 hours. Not as badly as most others I've tried.  The colour (Noir Hypnotic ) was fabulous and did give my lashes a little va va voom.

It went on a little clumpy, that seems to be the down fall. I sometimes find trying to build this product up just means more clumping to get that dramatic false lash look, not the 'sexy' look Lancome promised.

I think it's a nice product if you don't need to build it up. For the dramatic lash, so far the Lancome Hypnose Drama wins hands down.

Thanks for reading :D

Em xx


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  2. Defo prefer your lashes in the Hypnose Drama pic x x

  3. Thanks Winda. It's very kind of you. I shall take a look at your blog.

    Sian I agree, I prefer the Hypnose Drama.

    Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot. Hope you'r both well, Em x


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