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9 November 2011

Looking for that miracle mascara, Day 3/7

Lancome Hypnose Drama
£20.50 for 6.5ml

Lancome claim that this product can give us dramatic false lash effect eyelashes by amplifying the hairs from root to tip.

I do like to wear false lashes, but for work they can be quite impractical as halfway through the day they start to work their way off the lid giving the appearance of a caterpillar trying to escape :) so I have been on a mission to find the perfect false lash effect mascara.

Typically it has the scent that Lancome is known for and the curvaceous oversized brush is good quality and I used it in a zig zag wiggle from root to tip which did give some fab volume, then for extra lenth I comb the tips with product and build it up. The product does take a little while to dry which Lancome states is to allow you to build up without clumps (Urmm.. I found it will still clump) I find you need a spoolie on hand to comb through the product as it's drying and voila....

This is in Black, after 5-7 hours it does flake. It didn't run even after an hour of cardio in the gym.

Although it's quite impressive on the lashes, it can be a task getting it off. Apart from that, a nice little find and worth a try :)

Has anyone found an amazing false lash effect mascara lately?

Em x

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