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3 November 2011

DIY Teeth Whitening Review

5 Minute Speed Whitening Kit
£14.99 + £6 shipping from USA

I have been trialling DIY products to see if what we are promised on the box is actually delivered at a fraction of the cost in the comfort of our own home.

Plus White claim that this product uses a gentle oxygenating action to lift away stains to give brighter and whiter teeth in days.

The kit contains...

To start the process you mix the pre-whitener rinse with water and swish it around your mouth for 2-3 secs. It doesn't taste pleasant but it is bearable.

The mouth tray is quite large in the kit  so I went to a sports shop and bought a gum shield that you can heat and mould to the shape of your mouth. I left the product in for around 10-15 mins as I'm a bit of a caffeine addict and I occasionally have some light staining.

The company advise this product to be used twice daily for two weeks, then once or twice per week thereafter. It's noted that the whitening process only starts after 5 minutes.

I must admit I only use this product once/twice a week or whenever I feel I want to brighten my smile. It's quite a messy and uncomfortable process, I once left it in for 35 mins and  and my teeth felt extremely sensitive for two days and still didn't appear any whiter :)

Cue cheesy grin piccie :)
This product has had many mixed reviews, but for me it didn't change the colour of my teeth at all.
It's better as a daily preventative of build up of stains i.e. coffee stains. I will not purchase this again, but some people have claimed to have had fantastic results.

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  1. Good review - I have been thinking about trying this or other home whiteners but I tend to get sensitive teeth so it would probably be best to avoid.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure it's difficult finding a product for whitening if you have sensitive teeth. There are a few products on the market specifically designed with the idea of preserving the enamel which maybe what you need xx

  3. Great review! :) I'll probably be getting Crest strips

    Shabna @ scheine

  4. Hi Shabna, thanks for reading and commenting. I've been wondering about the Crest Strips. It'll be interesting to see if they're any good. X

  5. Thank you for the review! I'm always looking for a good whitening kit and forever wasting my money so it's good to read about what did/didn't work for others first xxx

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  6. TheOtherSideofCool - Totally agree. I love reading everyones blogs, sometimes I see things in the shop and wonder if it's worth the money and go home and research the products non fellow bloggers sites. Thanks so much for commenting :D xx


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