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29 November 2011

As I love these types of posts, I thought I'd jump right in there and do one of my own. My must haves seem to change on a monthly/ weekly/ daily basis :) but these are what are my current loves.

YSL Instant Wake-Up Patches
£36 for 8 x2

OK, so after a month of many late nights I've found my eyes are puffy and swollen when I wake up. Rather than appearing like a panda I have resorted to my good ole' trusted brand YSL. Their patches have been a godsend and with Christmas approaching a few of us may require a wide awake glow on very little sleep :)

Another thing I find I reach for regularly is my Vital Eyes Brightening Eye Drops, £3.35 for 10ml.

I know some bloggers have received backlash about products like these as they are vaso-constrictors and with prolonged consistent usage some people are concerned that they shall have health contra-indications.  I only use these as and when I feel I want to brighten the whites of my eyes.

Vital Eyes also have an eye moisturiser which leaves me with blurry vision for a very short period of time. I actually prefer Hypromellose Eye Drops 0.3% (£2.50 for 10 mls) which I buy over the counter at Boots. If you want to try them then I always advise you to speak to the pharmacist.

Another well loved product I've been using is TIGI Root Boost

After showering I roughly towel dry my hair, brush it (I know it can be damaging) and divide hair into sections and spray onto the hair near the scalp.

As you can see from the picture, the product comes out like a fizzy mouse. When I've roughly dried the hair with hair dryer it develops a lot of texture and prevents the need for back combing (teasing :)

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

My latest nail strengthener has recently become quite gloopy ( Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener) and didn't improve the condition of my nails, I thought I would try their Miracle Cure. I've been using it for around 2 months now and so far it has helped seal some of the peeling corners but we shall wait and see if it improves the overall condition of the nails.

Hopefully the product is more impressive than the packaging, you can see how it's easily got a battered appearance after rolling around the bottom of my handbag :D

Something else I've been reaching for daily as an eye shadow base is...

Rimmel Twist & Shimmer Eye Colours.
£2.99 + £1.89 P&P (Amazon)

I have this product in 006 Shake It and 001 Vibe.

006 Shake It
with flash

without flash

001 Vibe.

with flash

without flash

As always, thanks for reading,

Em x

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27 November 2011

Models Own in Mushroom

This is the first time I have purchased a Models Own polish and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I would describe it as a creamy grey / taupe colour with a nice glossy finish.

with flash.
In daylight - Excuse the messy application :)
So after two medium coats I had great coverage and doesn't require a topcoat. I'm glad I purchased this, its great quality and I imagine I shall look into purchasing a few of their other colours.

Has anyone got any recs of other colours for meto try?

Thanks so much for reading,
Em x
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26 November 2011

Firstly, I'll start by saying what a fantastic place!

I often take one or two holidays to the USA and where better to go shopping than New York.

Hopefully my little trip across the pond to San Fran shall live up to my expectations :)
I did do some of the touristy bits but I shall today be focusing more on a few purchases I made :D

Brown BVLGARI 652B Sunglasses

In a previous post I showed you my Black & White Chanel sunglasses, these ones however will be a perfect alternative to the monochrome look. So pretty, I just hope the crystals stay in place.

Chanel Jelly Camellia flip flop

I think these will be perfect sported with the flower bikini's I showed you in my last shopping trip.
TOWIE meets Hawaii :)

It's going to sound strange, but I also like to stock up on mouthcare when I'm in the USA. I like the toothpaste due to the fact it contains peroxide. I have been using this one for over a year now...

Arm & Hammer Peroxi-care Toothpaste

I also love their Bubble flavour chewing gums and treats etc.

I have munched through all the apple pie, key lime pie and mint choc chip ice-cream flavoured chewing gums :)

I also popped into Victorias secret for undies, but I'll spare you photos of my smalls :D

A familiar friendly face came to visit me.  

Well that was short and sweet, until next time, take care guys.

Em xx
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25 November 2011

As much as fashion changes seasonally, I have to say so does my preference of nail colours.
I'm loving white colours at the moment, so I'm going to show you a few of my recent finds.

First up Colorama in Marshmallow (19)

This product is by Maybelline who say this ranges provides irresistible colours.  It leaves a glossy finish, it's cheap and it does last for a few days. Easy application and gives a great semi-opaque coverage. A word of warning, it can take a while to dry and smudges easily.

Secondly, Essie in Great Expectations
£6.95 for full size (Mine's a sample bottle)

Essie are well known for their high fashion colours and chip resistance. This colour is a light dove grey cream bordering on mucky white with a hint of blueish shimmer. I found I needed to build this colour up with 3 medium coats, it can easily streak if you don't give it long enough to dry, it takes a while. The product however doesn't have the best consistency and I honestly didn't like this product.

Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer V2047-W

Yet another wonderful Versace Heat Lacquer has entered my forever expanding nail polish collection. This colour is a beautiful creamy pink / lilac pearl. It leaves my nail with a professional manicure finish and is easy to control when applying. The product builds up easily and I simply love this colour.
The colour tends to rub rather than chip and only requires 1 thickish coat.

Constance Carrol Diamond Gloss in Pink Ice

A nail polish that contains acrylic and nylon hardeners that provides up to 5 days wear chip free. *cough cough* It chipped a few hours later It claims to give a high gloss finish for professional results. I would describe this colour as an iridescent pink with a creamy ivory base. It dries extremely quickly and it leaves quite a streaky uneven finish.

Thanks for reading,

Em x
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24 November 2011

Hello again everyone,

After my last shopping post I received a lot of positive feedback so I thought I'd share with you a few more purchases I've been gathering from a few shopping trips last week    :D

First up, I have been obsessing over books recently. I have purchased lots of iBooks from authors such as Gemma Burgess, Benjamin Daniels, Jane Costello and Jenny Colgan.
I like light hearted rom-com books for escapism as I have to read medical literature & research as part of my job :)

In Sainsburys I went OTT on their 2 for £7 offer on books

I'm changing my London flat colour scheme to red, silver & cream for crimbo, so I found some bargain bed sets. This one was reduced from £50 to £30 so I snatched it up.

Then I wandered off to Boots and picked up some essentials...

not very riveting I know :)

Then on returning home to London via Fenwicks ;)
Black Pearl £17
Particuliere £16.50

How could I resist this for work?

And some cheeky little crinbo decs from the Craft Fair

In River Island I found some blingy earphone covers and Mushroom Polish...

Thanks for reading everyone.

Em x
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23 November 2011

Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat

Rimmel London have released a mattifying top coat that has really been the talk amongst beauty bloggers and shopaholics alike.

I think this is a fantastic idea, as I have so many colours that I love and this little product allows me to create a different look with them and saves me having to buy more matte finish nail colours.

Same polish, Rt nail with matte top coat.

I found that this has worked well over any brand of polish I own, despite Rimmel only mentioning it being used on the top of their LYCRA Pro nail polish range.

Feel free to tell me about products your loving, or any recs for future posts that you'd like to see.

As always, Thanks so much for reading.

Em x
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19 November 2011

It may seem a strange thing to post about this time of the year. Dry shampoo is often associated with festivals and tourists, however I like to use it to give texture to my hair and liven up my locks when they get a little limp.

Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington say that this dry shampoo gives great looking results and nourishment in between washes.

I like to use this product on the day after washing to give texture and help me feel refreshed. It gives a little oomph, but a con to this product is the white talc like residue it leaves behind.

Hence I'm one of many that are over joyed to see Batiste have catered for us brunettes too... :)

Batiste Coloured for Brunette Hair.

I picked up the medium colour to try it out as the darker colour was all sold out. The smell isn't as refreshing as the Charles Worthington product, but the results were great and the residue although still lighter than my natural hair colour, didn't appear like I was a walking advert for Johnson's Baby Powder :)

Overall, I think the trick is to never spray to close to your head, 30 cm's should be the distance your aiming for and I like to ruffle my hands through hair for extra texture. Some people prefer to comb the product through the hair to avoid oil from fingers going onto the hair.

All in all, they both do their jobs well. I shall be trying the darker Batiste dry shampoo which will hopefully be a better match for my hair colouring :)

FYI: My colleague accidentally spritzed her hair before work with shimmery Batiste dry shampoo, although it did look very pretty, and provided the rest of us with a little entertainment as the boss kept staring, It probably is best to keep it for evenings out only :)

Em xx
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16 November 2011

Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE 34 Tulip Noire
(Long Lasting Nail Lacquer in Black Tulip)

YSL say that this is a new generation nail lacquer that is both elegant and practical. The formula contains Verbena and Rose Oil to strengthen, moisturise and protect nails from chipping and cracking.

The bottle has a seperate golden cap with the wonderful YSL logo, which pops off to reveal the brush handle which unscrews.

I bought this nail lacquer on a recent shopping trip in London and I have to say I'm really impressed with it. I picked this colour because it matched my trench coat perfectly (Practical aspect covered :)  and I thought it would be a nice change from the usual browns and teals that are out at the moment. The brush allows for easy application. It does dry quickly and I loved the finish on the polish, it looked very glossy and provided perfect coverage with two thickish coats.

I can't comment if the polish improves the condition of the nails, as I do tend to change my colour every couple of days, but it did give a smooth finish and appear to temporarily seal some peeling I have underneath the polish.

YSL are going to release two more shades in this range later this Autumn, one looked like a blueish colour and the other a teal colour from what I could see, which will be perfect for the current 2011 trend.

Hope everyone is well,

Em xx
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14 November 2011

Very quickly, a cheeky little product that was hiding in the bottom of my make-up case was...

Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara

Urban Decay described this as a wearable shade describing it as a hue of colour. They state it's a refreshing alternative to black.

The brush was great for inner corners and bottom lashes. The fine bristles helped coat the lashes and prevent clumping on the hairs.

It's much more subtle on the lash than it was on the brush. I do like the colour, but don't feel it would be appropriate as an everyday mascara. It was cakey and clumpy on the brush. I thought I'd maybe just received a 'bad' one off product, but reading some of my other beauty blogger reviews it seems that this problem is common. It flaked off my lashes after around 3-5 hours, and air moisture left it staining my lower eye area, giving a slightly bruised appearance    (",)


So out of all of the products I've tried in the past week, my two favourite volumising mascaras were *drum roll please maestro*

1) Lancome Hypnose Drama

2) Max Factor False Lash Effect

and lengthening mascara...

1) The Body Shop- Super Volume Mascara

Hope this helps if you are looking at buying a new mascara :D

Thanks for reading

Em xx
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13 November 2011

The Body Shop - Super Volume Mascara

The Body Shop promised that this mascara will give a smudge free, highly pigmented colour for long lasting clump free volume.

The brush itself was fine, it has short and longer length bristles.

This didn't give the volume it promised, It did however give great clump-free length. It flaked slightly from 4/5 hours and continued to do so until I took it off. This mascara also is extremely sensitive to air moisture and I've noticed it has a tendency to run down my cheeks.

If this mascara was advertised as a lengthening product it would have won me over, It didn't give me the volume it promised and for that reason it lost some brownie points. The colour was a rich black and the product came off easily with remover.

If what your looking for is a lengthening mascara to wear for only a few hours at a time, in non-humid or moist weather then this could be right for you. If that's not the case, think twice before buying this product.

I shall blog my fave of the products tomorrow :D

Em x
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12 November 2011

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Max Factor stated on their packaging that we finally don't need to fake it anymore, as we can have the same effect with our own lashes. OK, So I had my reservations, but thought I'd try it out anyway...

The brush is quite simple, yet effective. It doesn't catch all of the tiny inner and outer corner lashes, but it does have a fabulous impact on all the others. The synthetic plastic bristles don't completely stop clumps, but does counteract a lot of the clumping this product would give with another type bristle.

OK, So the effect...
3 coats.

I applied this product with a wiggle. I liked the effect, it give volume and easily built up on lashes. Does become flaky after 6 hours however. A close competitor for the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

Thanks for reading

Em x
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