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6 October 2011

Time for tan.

Hello lovely readers,

Ok so the dark mornings are setting in and it's coming to that time when us bronzed goddeses need to start faking it again.  I am a long term self tanner and I have been trialling this product alone for over 3 months now ( 2x bottles worth).

Piz Buin Self Tanning Lotion + Colour Dial

My natural skin colour is quite pale with olive tones. This tan claims to cater for all skin tones. I have used it on all settings depending on whether I'm trying to keep my post holiday tan or just give myself a slight radiant glow. The bottle I have contains 240mls and cost me £17.99 (yes I bought it myself :). It claims to be for face & body and that's how I use it.

This tan claims to not have the biscuity smell that many other self-tanners have, but the next day ( after showering) my skin still has the faint smell of fake tan.

The tan comes out as a white cream which easily smoothes onto the skin and dries relatively quickly.

It states it gives intense hydration, it does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth but not oily. It's never streaked and doesn't leave me with an orangey hue. It doesn't look completely natural once developed ( I leave it on overnight) but it is definitely one of the best I've used so far. I just can't help feel that this product can waste a lot of product if you don't use it on the third setting everytime you tan.

Let me know if you have used any great tanning lotions lately or tried this one,

Em x

1 comment:

  1. It's definitely time to crack out the fake tan! xo


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