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26 October 2011

Neutrogena PureGlow MicroDermabrasion System Review

The principal of microdermabrasion is to use the microscopic aluminum oxide crystals to create friction and slough away all of the dead/damaged skin cells. Hopefully then we shall become fresh faced with healthy new skin cells.  It should then assist in combatting ageing, erase acne scars and minimise wrinkles, as shown below...
How stuff works

OK, so who doesn't want all that right? So I went online and purchased a DIY home kit to see if it gave the salon results it promised. I opted for the Neutrogena PureGlow set.

Aluminium Oxide Micro-Crystals Cream 50ml, Applicator, Batteries and Applicator sponge.
£25.52 for set

Google Images.

Neutrogena claim this product offers a professional microdermabrasion effect that will reveal your skins healthy, radiant glow. Whilst it certainly did give a thorough rough scrub, so much so my skin went a delicate shade of pink I'm not sure it's made me radiant and it certainly hasn't changed reduced my crows feet or old scarring.

To apply this I wet my face then popped the cream on and started agitating it with the applicator. The cream is a very thick, almost clumpy grey product. It smells quite nice, and has lots of tiny particles to slough away the dead skin.

I found it quite difficult to find replacement creams and sponge heads, but eventually eBay came to my rescue and I have paid £5 with free P&P for the cream and sponge head.
So all in all, I liked this product to use as an intensive exfoliation, but it did not provide the benefits of a professional micro-dermabrasion which it claims, so my search continues. I'm currently looking at the PMD system. Has anyone tried it? A YT guru I've followed for few years ( Miss Glamorazzi ) has the coupon code "Missglam" to get 25% off at for about another week, so I have to admit, I'm tempted to give it a try. She reviews it in the above link and appears to have a very similar skin type to me ;)

Thanks for reading guys, hope you are all well.

Em x


  1. Neutrogena claim this product offers a professional microdermabrasion effect that will reveal your skin healthy, radiant glow.


  2. The above product is one of the finest and result oriented product till date from Neutrogena and love by many microdermabrasion professionals.



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