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11 October 2011

My First Blog Award!

Hello everyone,

I recently recieved my very first blog award! woo hoo, Thanks to Lizzie  
    ( cupcake and cosmetics ) who sent me this award.

So here are the rules that come with the award if I choose to accept it, which of course I do with open arms :-)

So the requirements are:

* Thanks and link back to the person that awarded you

* Write seven random facts about yourself that people won't necessarily know

* Spread the love to 15 other blogs and their wonderful bloggers

Ok, here goes. 7 Random facts about me ...

1. I'm a fashion and gossip magazine addict.

I get a little crazed going to Costco just because they are tax free and I stock up as I constantly forget to set up subscriptions :)

2. I play rugby for a local female team (union of course :)

Gum shields are so chic :)

3. I have been in constant education since I was 5yrs old.

I moved away from home on my 21st birthday to study at uni in Southport (UK seaside resort) and have moved around the UK studying and working fulltime.
NB. Light reflecting foundation gave me a goth chic/angelic blurry appearance in all my graduation photos  :)

4. I'm obsesed with trashy TV shows.

Paris Hilton's BFF, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, Dr. 90210, One Tree Hill and my most guiltiest pleasure Jeremy Kyle! (I really want to go into the studio audience)

5. I'm a total caffiene addict.

On shopping trips my friends give regular coffee shop stops (my fave is skinny chai latte) to prevent me getting cranky. I also love going for afternoon tea when in the city... Yum!

6. I have flown a micro-light.

An old work colleague occasionally drops me an e-mail and off we go, up, up and away :)

7. I once ran away at the age of 6 with a packet of crisps, my teddy bear
(Albert, I still have him :) and a pack of crayons. I made it around the block and felt like I'd been gone for days.

I would like to pass this award on to some of my fellow bloggers ...

* charlotelizabeth
* cararobinson
* miss-eblog
* rselgroup1
* ps-chloe
* theprettypisces
* abristolianblog
* thebeautydiaries
* aimeesnails
* makeupdiary
* pixielashes
* curvyguru
* breezeybee
* madelinesfashion
* ohmyvogue

Hope everyone is well,

Em x

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