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2 October 2011

MAC Fix +

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Hello my lovely readers.

So after debating whether this 100ml bottle was worth the pricetag of £11, I researched the product on YT & blogs to find many rave reviews from some of my favourite beauty gurus, so off I trotted to Westfields MAC counter :)

The first time I used it, I simply sprayed it onto my naked face as a refresher spray. It felt cool and the scent was noticeable but not overpowering. I used 3-4 sprays to cover my whole face and neck, it dried in 40-50 seconds and left my skin feeling fresh and cool. It didn't appear to provide any noticeable radiance but did make dry patches look better.
I liked the nozzle and it's easy locking system. It sprayed with adequate force and the nozzle never blocked.

The second time I used it, I trialled it as a mixing medium with some of my pigments. It worked best by 1-2 sprays on the brush and dip in powder then apply to the eye lid. It did aid the powder to stay on the lid and helped highlight the pigmentation of the powders.

The third time I tried it as a foundation setter. I found it worked OK, but I think I preferred it for other uses. I didn't notice my make-up last any longer or look any better.

I have given this product an OK/Good rating. I don't find it an essential and I shall probably use it mainly as a refresher spray on my holiday to San Fran next month :)

Feel free to comment what experience you've had with MAC fix+ or application tips!

Em x


  1. I feel the same way about it, I don't use it a lot and don't really notice a difference in my makeup when I do but I do like putting it on top of night out makeup :) xx

  2. Hi Misseblog, I know some people use water/spritz of hairspray to do the same thing, if I ever find something that truly works I will let you know ;) xx


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