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15 October 2011

Lip Care

Hello everyone,

Well now the cold weather is setting in, it can cause havoc with your lips.

I have purchased a few lip products to stave off the dry chapped look and thought I would share my thoughts on these products.

Drumstick Lip Balm:

£2.99 for 0.15ox/4.2g

Ok, so who doesn't love a drumstick chewy lolly? I know I do so I snapped up this litle purchase. It is raspberry & vanilla flavour and it smells great. The con to this product is it's so sticky I was constantly picking my hair out of it (eww!) which really put me off this balm and I will not use this product again.


£2.69 for 10g

A cult classic balm that contains menthol and camphor to leave a tingling sensation that claims to soothe and smoothe lips. I have this product in mint, cherry, strawberry  and original. I tend to buy tubes over pots due to the risk of bacteria growing in the pots. If you suffer from cold sores then I've read this product can help.

YSL Top Secrets Lip & Contour Shaper:

£32 for 15ml.

More creamy than greasy, this concentrate is comforting and claims to provide defined and charming lips. My lips didn't appear plumper but my lips did feel softer after application. It works well as a base under lipstick or gloss.

Thanks for reading,

Em x

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