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31 October 2011

ORIGINS Ginger Rush Intensely Hydrating Body Cream
£15 for 100ml tube
£25 for 200ml pot

Origins claim to have brought us an intensely hydrating body cream that is decadently rich and leaves us radiating in an amorous energy. It contains a blend of Ginger, Lemon, Lime and Bergamot essential oils. Sounds fab doesn't it?

I found this product whilst rustling through a pile of products in the duty free and managed to get this at a bargain half price :D I oh so do love getting a bargain.

From what I have seen Origins release this product every Autumn/Winter and discontinue it in the new year. I'm not sure why they do this and this can make it difficult to find, although eBay sell it most of the year it can be extremely over-priced. 

OK, so I was firstly impressed with the smell. I'm not usually a ginger fan, but the ginger and lemon/lime combo works really well. After applying this, my whole bedroom smells divine and I have been complimented on the scent when people thought it was a perfume ( I believe they have released this as a skin scent).

This product is incredibly thick...

On massaging it, it has a slightly oily feel which quickly disappears. It does need around 15-20 mins to fully absorb and does not leave a greasy or sticky texture. I like to use this before bedtime or on my wrists/knees/ankles before fake tanning and use a lighter moisturiser everywhere else. One pot of this product tends to last around a month if I use it once daily.

My skin did remain hydrated for 8+ hours. I have also tried the Souffle which didn't provide the hydration that the body cream did.

FYI: At the moment they have a free anti-ageing kit with orders over £40, and free delivery with orders over £30. They however do not have the Ginger Rush on sale yet which is disappointing.

Have you got any recommendations for a light moisturiser?

Thanks for reading,

Em x
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28 October 2011

Paul & Joe Treatment Serum
£26 for 40mls/1.3 fl oz

Being part of their fall collection 2010, I was a little slow to jump on the Paul & Joe bandwagon.
When I bought this I was looking for something light and non-greasy, which in fairness it delivered.
The packaging was an instant hit with me. The bottle is designed with a pretty gold rim that has orange blossom detailing.

It smoothes on easily, it's almost like a watery gel. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly without layering the skin. You only need a very small amount, I used 2 pumps for all my face and neck. I have had my bottle for three months and it still has a small amount left. I tend to use this serum once/ twice a day. 

2 pumps of product.

I use this product after cleansing and it does eliminate that dry, tight feeling every time. It does not make my skin oily or dry, which some serums have been known too.

Being a sucker for nice smelling products, this serum smells wonderfully orangey. I think there is orange water added as there is no fragrance noted in the ingredients list.

I bought this product from ASOS alongside buying my sister the moisturising serum (£27 for 40mls), however both products have been out of stock for a while and it seems difficult to find them without paying above and beyond the RRP on other online sites.

I won't be repurchasing this product again as I do like more of a cream based facial treatment/ moisturiser especially in autumn/winter.

Thanks for reading

Em x
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26 October 2011

The principal of microdermabrasion is to use the microscopic aluminum oxide crystals to create friction and slough away all of the dead/damaged skin cells. Hopefully then we shall become fresh faced with healthy new skin cells.  It should then assist in combatting ageing, erase acne scars and minimise wrinkles, as shown below...
How stuff works

OK, so who doesn't want all that right? So I went online and purchased a DIY home kit to see if it gave the salon results it promised. I opted for the Neutrogena PureGlow set.

Aluminium Oxide Micro-Crystals Cream 50ml, Applicator, Batteries and Applicator sponge.
£25.52 for set

Google Images.

Neutrogena claim this product offers a professional microdermabrasion effect that will reveal your skins healthy, radiant glow. Whilst it certainly did give a thorough rough scrub, so much so my skin went a delicate shade of pink I'm not sure it's made me radiant and it certainly hasn't changed reduced my crows feet or old scarring.

To apply this I wet my face then popped the cream on and started agitating it with the applicator. The cream is a very thick, almost clumpy grey product. It smells quite nice, and has lots of tiny particles to slough away the dead skin.

I found it quite difficult to find replacement creams and sponge heads, but eventually eBay came to my rescue and I have paid £5 with free P&P for the cream and sponge head.
So all in all, I liked this product to use as an intensive exfoliation, but it did not provide the benefits of a professional micro-dermabrasion which it claims, so my search continues. I'm currently looking at the PMD system. Has anyone tried it? A YT guru I've followed for few years ( Miss Glamorazzi ) has the coupon code "Missglam" to get 25% off at for about another week, so I have to admit, I'm tempted to give it a try. She reviews it in the above link and appears to have a very similar skin type to me ;)

Thanks for reading guys, hope you are all well.

Em x
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23 October 2011

Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer V2033-W
£17.50 plus P&P for 15ml/ 0.51 fl.oz

Versace have promised us mere mortels to be able to achieve the perfect manicure look easily, they have released many shades and have a super shiny finish. I love the opalescent appearance.

This colour just screams Autumn to me, it's quite difficult to get a photo that does this beautiful nail polish justice. It firstly appears a raspberry colour that changes to a golden burnt orange in certain angles in the light.  

Photos taken after three thickish coats. It took a very long time to dry and intead of chipping I have found it tends to look like it rubs off. I found it lasted 2/3 days then my tips lost some of their colour.

Thanks for reading,

Em x
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21 October 2011

As autumn is now officially setting in here in the UK, I don't know about you guys but my skin is requiring much more buffing, moisturising and fake tanning to gain and maintain a subtle golden goddess glow :)

I use my exfoliants whilst showering, by massaging the product in circular motions, concentrating on my hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet as these areas have a tendency to allow the product to clump. I exfoliate before applying my tan and in between applications to help keep the colour even.

I've been trying out a few exfoliators and thought I'd share my views on them with you.

So here we go in order of price, I've pitched cheaper drugstore products against high-end high street (yes I purchased them all with my own hard earned pennies :)

£15.32 for 240mls

I used to be an avid st. tropez tanner until finding the piz buin colour dial tan (Piz Buin Review) so I had this bottle left to use up because exfoliators containing fruit acids can turn your St Tropez tan a strange colour.

It contains small round beads that are designed to not damage/tear the skin and is scented as the french riviera (I've never been so couldn't confirm this :) but it does smell quite nice, although chemically to me and has a light blue appearance.

So some good points about this product is that I like how it feels when I'm using it, like it's really working. I didn't notice my tan last any longer with this product opposed to any of the others but my skin did look re-newed and revived.

£8.50 for 150mls
Described by Rituals as a calming shower cream scrub, this product does feel nice and creamy instead of the usual gel like exfoliants that tend to be on the market. It smells absolutely divine and the wonderful smell lingers in the bathroom and on the skin for around 20 minutes after using it.

My skin did look fresh and revived afterwards but my skin did not feel more moisturised than usual or my mind any calmer.

£4.98 for 150mls

I was interested in this as it claims to be a daily scrub and I like to exfoliate to keep my fake tan even. The promise of radiant skin is always a winner for me. It's made with mango milk, cashmere proteins & fine scrub particles, which to me sounds quite luxurious.

I liked the feel of this product when I was using it, it felt like it was actually doing something. It didn't exactly feel like an expensive luxurious product or make me radiant, but it did help my tan stay even and was used daily with no irratation. Nice smell, but the scent dissappeared relatively quickly.

Sorry guys, I used all this product before getting chance to take a photo.

£3 for 130g

I love going into the LUSH stores, all the scents and pretty products tend to get me in the mood to sample everything. The staff tend to be so friendly and appeal to my shopaholic nature.

So this particular product is loaded up on sea salt to slough off all those dead skin cells and you can either use it on dry skin (slightly rougher) or under running water (slightly softer) and this makes it foam up. Both ways provided ok results, I just however can't get over the smell, It reminds me of a cheap toilet cleaner and the smell just keeps lingering. So I tried it once, for the benefit of this blog, but I shall not be delving into this pot again. After using it, my skin felt tight, like that feeling you get when you have been stood in the sea which had me reaching for the (strongest smelling) moisturiser :D

Thanks for reading,

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15 October 2011

Hello everyone,

Well now the cold weather is setting in, it can cause havoc with your lips.

I have purchased a few lip products to stave off the dry chapped look and thought I would share my thoughts on these products.

Drumstick Lip Balm:

£2.99 for 0.15ox/4.2g

Ok, so who doesn't love a drumstick chewy lolly? I know I do so I snapped up this litle purchase. It is raspberry & vanilla flavour and it smells great. The con to this product is it's so sticky I was constantly picking my hair out of it (eww!) which really put me off this balm and I will not use this product again.


£2.69 for 10g

A cult classic balm that contains menthol and camphor to leave a tingling sensation that claims to soothe and smoothe lips. I have this product in mint, cherry, strawberry  and original. I tend to buy tubes over pots due to the risk of bacteria growing in the pots. If you suffer from cold sores then I've read this product can help.

YSL Top Secrets Lip & Contour Shaper:

£32 for 15ml.

More creamy than greasy, this concentrate is comforting and claims to provide defined and charming lips. My lips didn't appear plumper but my lips did feel softer after application. It works well as a base under lipstick or gloss.

Thanks for reading,

Em x
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12 October 2011

Hello my lovelies,

Lately I'm loving the sparkly eye shadows that are out at the mo hence I thought I would give these little pots of loose multi-purpose powders a try. They cost me £21 per pot (yes I bought them myself :)which is quite pricey as you only actually get 1.3g/0.04oz of product in a pot, I am however aware that you can probably get them cheaper on the internet and they are so highly pigmented you don't need a lot of product. I also use a thin line of product on my bottom eyelids instead of a pencil liner.

Becca says that they do not contain talc, fillers or inferior silver pearl pigments. They are suitable for sensitive eyes and can be worn alone or layered.

I snapped up the shades Astra, Asrai, Sebille, Nerida, Nixie & Luella to review.


A beautiful opalescent pinky silver colour.


An icy diamond white, I use for inner corner to brighten eye.

An illuminant golden white shimmer.


One of my favourites of this collection. A pale sky blue shimmer.

An aquamarine, the blueish green colour that sits between Nerida and Luella. This contains specks of gold.


A deep turquoise shimmer.

I have really enjoyed using these products and would definately repurchase Sebille, Astra and Nerida again.

Thanks for reading.

Em x
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11 October 2011

Hello everyone,

I recently recieved my very first blog award! woo hoo, Thanks to Lizzie  
    ( cupcake and cosmetics ) who sent me this award.

So here are the rules that come with the award if I choose to accept it, which of course I do with open arms :-)

So the requirements are:

* Thanks and link back to the person that awarded you

* Write seven random facts about yourself that people won't necessarily know

* Spread the love to 15 other blogs and their wonderful bloggers

Ok, here goes. 7 Random facts about me ...

1. I'm a fashion and gossip magazine addict.

I get a little crazed going to Costco just because they are tax free and I stock up as I constantly forget to set up subscriptions :)

2. I play rugby for a local female team (union of course :)

Gum shields are so chic :)

3. I have been in constant education since I was 5yrs old.

I moved away from home on my 21st birthday to study at uni in Southport (UK seaside resort) and have moved around the UK studying and working fulltime.
NB. Light reflecting foundation gave me a goth chic/angelic blurry appearance in all my graduation photos  :)

4. I'm obsesed with trashy TV shows.

Paris Hilton's BFF, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, Dr. 90210, One Tree Hill and my most guiltiest pleasure Jeremy Kyle! (I really want to go into the studio audience)

5. I'm a total caffiene addict.

On shopping trips my friends give regular coffee shop stops (my fave is skinny chai latte) to prevent me getting cranky. I also love going for afternoon tea when in the city... Yum!

6. I have flown a micro-light.

An old work colleague occasionally drops me an e-mail and off we go, up, up and away :)

7. I once ran away at the age of 6 with a packet of crisps, my teddy bear
(Albert, I still have him :) and a pack of crayons. I made it around the block and felt like I'd been gone for days.

I would like to pass this award on to some of my fellow bloggers ...

* charlotelizabeth
* cararobinson
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* rselgroup1
* ps-chloe
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* curvyguru
* breezeybee
* madelinesfashion
* ohmyvogue

Hope everyone is well,

Em x
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10 October 2011

Hello everyone,

I was tweeted a couple of weeks ago by a follower who thought she had been sold some fake MAC eyeshadows online. Remembering I had some fake MAC eyeshadows from an eBay purchase a couple of years ago I have raided my make-up bags and taken some photos to share with you what to look out for.

As you can see, the actual shadows colours are similar to what you would expect if you had requested a certain MAC colour.

I was charged almost full price so the cost didn't give it away.

I bought a joblot of about 25 colours, then to my despair when they arrived I realised they were fakes. I went to report them on eBay and their site had completely dissapeared.

Inside the pot I found an extra compartment. I researched into if they could have been from another country but MAC don't change their packaging for different countries. On some eBay sites they can make sweeping statements like exclusive, rare or only available in Europe, Asia etc. Before buying it is worth researching the products.

In the box it's difficult to tell the difference between fake and authentic.
Sometimes the angle of the photo can give it away if the product isn't in the box. Fake is on the left side.

The name of the colour is also not written on the bottom of the fake shadows.

Overall, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is!

Thanks for reading.

Em x
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6 October 2011

Hello lovely readers,

Ok so the dark mornings are setting in and it's coming to that time when us bronzed goddeses need to start faking it again.  I am a long term self tanner and I have been trialling this product alone for over 3 months now ( 2x bottles worth).

Piz Buin Self Tanning Lotion + Colour Dial

My natural skin colour is quite pale with olive tones. This tan claims to cater for all skin tones. I have used it on all settings depending on whether I'm trying to keep my post holiday tan or just give myself a slight radiant glow. The bottle I have contains 240mls and cost me £17.99 (yes I bought it myself :). It claims to be for face & body and that's how I use it.

This tan claims to not have the biscuity smell that many other self-tanners have, but the next day ( after showering) my skin still has the faint smell of fake tan.

The tan comes out as a white cream which easily smoothes onto the skin and dries relatively quickly.

It states it gives intense hydration, it does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth but not oily. It's never streaked and doesn't leave me with an orangey hue. It doesn't look completely natural once developed ( I leave it on overnight) but it is definitely one of the best I've used so far. I just can't help feel that this product can waste a lot of product if you don't use it on the third setting everytime you tan.

Let me know if you have used any great tanning lotions lately or tried this one,

Em x
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4 October 2011

Hello again everyone,

Todays post shall focus on two scents that I recently purchased. I find that the smells are so delicious in these stores, I end up buying things that I may never even use, but in this instance I have been using them for work/blogging so all is not lost :)

No. 18
Sandalwood + Wild Rose

£34.90 for 50mls.

Notes: wild roses, pink pepper, geranium, sandalwood, cedar, pine and rosewood.

I had so many compliments on this scent when it was initially applied it and up until around 2-3 hours post spritzing. Whilst it is quite strong when applied, it dissipates quickly. The earthy woody tones remind me slightly of inscence and the intense wild rose give it a girly twist. This has a warming feel to it, ideal for cosy nights or autumn/winter days for it's warming properties.

No. 09
Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange

£34.90 for 50mls.

Notes: orange blossom, vanilla, tonka.

Much more of a spring/summer scent than No. 18 but it's a lovely daytime scent. I think that the orange and vanilla compliment each other well, If you like citrusy sweet smells then this would probably be ideal for you. Around 5 mins after application I find that it gains a fresh soapy smell, but again the staying power is short lived and regular re-application is required.

As you can see below, No. 18 has been the one I've reached for most over the last few weeks.

Rituals state their products are organic which gains a huge thumbs up from me.

Although I loved these scents, I just don't find I can say that the product is worth the pricetag purely because of the staying power of the scents.

I am however wading through many more Rituals products that I have bought so I shall let you all know how I get on ;) Have you ever tried these products? Let me know how you found them...

Hugs, Em x
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2 October 2011

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Hello my lovely readers.

So after debating whether this 100ml bottle was worth the pricetag of £11, I researched the product on YT & blogs to find many rave reviews from some of my favourite beauty gurus, so off I trotted to Westfields MAC counter :)

The first time I used it, I simply sprayed it onto my naked face as a refresher spray. It felt cool and the scent was noticeable but not overpowering. I used 3-4 sprays to cover my whole face and neck, it dried in 40-50 seconds and left my skin feeling fresh and cool. It didn't appear to provide any noticeable radiance but did make dry patches look better.
I liked the nozzle and it's easy locking system. It sprayed with adequate force and the nozzle never blocked.

The second time I used it, I trialled it as a mixing medium with some of my pigments. It worked best by 1-2 sprays on the brush and dip in powder then apply to the eye lid. It did aid the powder to stay on the lid and helped highlight the pigmentation of the powders.

The third time I tried it as a foundation setter. I found it worked OK, but I think I preferred it for other uses. I didn't notice my make-up last any longer or look any better.

I have given this product an OK/Good rating. I don't find it an essential and I shall probably use it mainly as a refresher spray on my holiday to San Fran next month :)

Feel free to comment what experience you've had with MAC fix+ or application tips!

Em x
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