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29 September 2011

Pro-lumiere Vs Vitalumiere Aqua.

Hello lovely readers, I have been trialling quite a few products lately and as many of my fellow bloggers have been raving over these two products in particular I thought I'd upload this post first. I am going to use them as a comparison against each other and yes I did buy them myself :)

Firstly, I shall tell you briefly about my skin. It is typically combination with an oily T-zone (ick I know :) and I regularly suffer breakouts on the bottom of my cheeks and forehead. Both products contain SPF 15 which is fantastic.

Ok, Now onto the review... Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF15

As soon as I started applying this product I was impressed by it. The colour was B30 (Beige-Sable) and the texture was quite watery but provided a medium coverage whilst feeling light when blended.

It was mildly scented and this shade gave me a natural glow. I liked the slight dewy appearance and it lasted for upto 10 hours without touching up.

It dries fairly quickly and easily blends. It gave some moderate coverage, however I do prefer thicker products due to a few red marks on my face from past breakouts.

Wishing for heavier coverage however I then bought the next product in my natural skin tone which is 20 (Clair-Cameo). I liked how it contained neither a yellow or a pink tone.

Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup

This had a slightly more chemically smell for me, but wasn't overpowering or unpleasant. The texture is much thicker than the Vitalumiere Aqua and I found it has a tendency to dry quickly which can make blending quite difficult. It also appears to cling to any dry areas which can emphasise them.

This can prove problematic on my T-zone, as if its not set it tends to slide off but I thought I'd try it anyway.
The product managed to stay on my face for upto 14 hours easily without touch ups. I have chosen this as my preference out of the two due to the ability to build it up and it literally gives me the semi-matte unified finish it promised. The downside with this is the fact that you can feel the foundation resting on your face, rather than the vitalumiere that feels so light and natural.

On wearing prolumiere I received many more compliments from friends and work colleagues on my 'fresh face' and they seemingly seemed oblivious that this radiance was from a bottle :)

Thanks for reading,

Em x


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